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Citizen Space Updates – January 2015

By January 26, 2015June 4th, 2019No Comments


This month, Delib have added a new feature to Citizen Space that enables you to make responses visible to the public as soon as they have been approved and published by you, rather than having to wait until the consultation has closed. This is a useful feature for organisations that are doing long, ongoing surveys, but want to make some of their responses public without having to close the survey down.

There are also some cosmetic improvements to the way that matrix questions appear on the page: they now make better use of the space available, are more readable and generally extremely good-looking.

What’s new

Ongoing response publishing

When setting up response publishing you now have the option to make responses publicly visible as soon as they get published – as long as respondents have given their consent. As before, you can also moderate and redact these responses in order to remove inappropriate content, such as personally identifiable information, from free-text answers. For more detail, have a look at the guides:

How to use response publishing

How do I moderate and redact responses

The new feature allows responses to be published on a continuous basis, with no need to wait for the consultation to close first. This is particularly useful for those of our customers who use Citizen Space to run ongoing, generic surveys – for example, these could be for gathering internal feedback on training, or standardised ‘customer experience’ surveys. If there’s no specific closing date, it’s useful for their owners to be able to publish responses while they are still open.

You can toggle between immediate publishing and publishing after closure at any time. The feature also allows you to turn response publishing off, which will take down any responses that have already been published. Responses still require redaction, approval and publishing before they become visible – refer to our online response publishing guides above for more!


What else?

New look matrix questions

Delib have taken steps to improve the way matrix questions appear on the page. Columns will now expand to fill the full width of the page according to the size of their headings, rather than clustering at the side. A border has been added between each row to make the table easier for respondents to read, and we’ve made a slight adjustment to the spacing of the rows for the same purpose.

A lot of our customers make extensive use of matrix questions, and we hope these improvements will make them even better at gathering high-quality data.


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