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Citizen Space V1.12.0 – release date 5 July, 2013

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Email List Management

Back in March, Delib made it super simple to use MailChimp with Citizen Space, so you can make the most of the powerful functionality that comes with this awesome email app.

So what’s new? Well, if you use another email provider but don’t want to miss out on this, let us know and we’ll investigate if it works in the same way (and, if it uses an embeddable sign-up form, chances are it probably does).

If you want this functionality turned on, for MailChimp or another provider, you’ll need to ask us to activate it, because some customers still prefer to use the existing built-in Mailing List tool.

 Tweaks and bug fixes

When you export consultation responses to a CSV file, responses will now be ordered by ‘Submitted Date’. Previously they were in the order of ‘Created Date’ which we found was not as useful when analysing responses while a consultation is still open. And while we’re on the subject, we’ve also written a Knowledge Base article to answer some of your FAQs about viewing Citizen Space response data in Excel.

Delib also fixed several bugs which were reported by customers, including:

  • duplicate consultations will no longer be created if you selected the ‘Add consultation’ button several times in succession (for example, if the page took a while to update after you had selected it the first time);
  • on the Edit Consultation Details page, the layout of the WYSIWYG editor is no longer broken in some browsers (in case you were wondering, Delib have included a WYSIWYG in the screenshot below).


API Improvements (API v2.3)

Delib have made the API even better, so that you can integrate Citizen Space more readily with existing sites or systems. If you’re a little unsure of what an API is, or would like to understand more about how this could be useful to you, Jess’s blog post should help you out.

If you’re already familiar with APIs, you – or your development team – might find the full API documentation useful.


Last month, Delib introduced Events as a pioneer feature – this means it’s not on general release, so we need to activate it for you, and may give you a call to get your constructive feedback.
The feature enables you to create events, such as a public meeting, within consultations. These will then appear within the Consultation Hub, and as a Key Date within the consultation. Users can add these events to their calendars.


You’ll find the full detail about the functionality of the feature, and some of the limitations at the pioneer stage, in this Knowledge Base article.

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