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Citizen Space v1.16.1 – Released 12th March 2014

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Delib have released Citizen Space 1.16.1.

This release includes the ability to edit a number previously un-editable headings and a brand new mapping type question. The mapping component allows you to ask citizens where they want a variety of different things to be located in your community in a clear, graphical way.

A full breakdown on what is new with Citizen Space is detailed below.

What’s New

Editable Fact Bank Headings

Fact banks are areas of content in an online survey that are collapsed (hidden from view) by default, but can be expanded by the respondent to show more information, images and embedded content.  The heading of the Fact Bank remains visible when the rest of the content is collapsed, and in the past this was hard-coded to say ‘Related Information’.  It’s now possible to customise this text so that you can be more specific about what’s contained within the Fact Bank, for example ‘View the proposed site plan’ or ‘Read page 4 of the consultation document’.  For more information, check out our Knowledge Base article about Fact Banks.

Editable Call To Action text

In November 2013 Delib made it possible for administrators to edit the ‘Online Survey’ link in the main ‘Call To Action’ box on the consultation overview page. As an extension of that work, Delib now made it possible to edit the ‘Give Us Your Views’ heading as well.  This makes it easier to present your consultation in the best way for your audience.  This Knowledge Base article explains how to edit the Call To Action text.

Screen shot of the Call To Action
Screenshot of the ‘Call To Action’ box on the consultation overview page


New mapping component

Example mapping component

For the past few months, some  customers have been pioneering the exciting new mapping component.  This component allows respondents to place items on a map or image as part of their online survey response and it’s now available to all customers.  If you would like to give mapping a try please contact us and we will help you get it up and running.  You can check out a demo of the mapping component at

Additions to CSV Exports and RSS Feeds

When exporting a list of consultations as a CSV file (from either the Manage Consultations or front-end Find Consultations pages) the CSV file now includes the name of the consultation’s department.

Similarly, the RSS feed of consultations now contains the department name as its own <category> tag.  Other fields in the RSS feed are unchanged.

Simpler Response Filtering

Online surveys include several administrator pages where you can narrow down the responses shown based on answers to questions.  These include the ‘Responses by Respondent’ and ‘Responses by Question’ pages.  We have improved the filtering controls on these pages so that they are easier to use and cleaner in appearance.  Specifically:

  • Filters are now added by selecting a whole question from a dropdown list rather than a specific answer component.
  • Pressing Enter when adding a filter no longer clears the existing filters.
  • The dropdown list now uses the standard browser form control so its look and feel is more familiar to users.

Performance Improvements to Responses By Question page

In the past the front page of ‘Responses By Question’ has been slow to load for consultations with large numbers of responses (in the range of 10,000 or more).  Delib have made a number of optimisations to this page and it should now load a lot more quickly.

Bug fixes

Delib have also fixed a few small issues that have been reported:

  • Admin navigation was being shown when viewing consultations in Preview mode, causing confusion. This has now been removed.
  • Unpredictable ordering of uploaded files in the Results section of the consultation overview page.  Results files are now listed chronologically by upload date.
  • The ‘Required’ label was missing on some answer components in admin views.

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