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Citizen Space v1.16 – Released 29 January 2014

By February 3, 2014June 4th, 2019No Comments

Delib have only one key update for January but it is a goodie. You will be pleased to know that skip logic is now available in the Citizen Space survey tool!

So – what is skip logic?

Skip logic allows you to alter a respondent’s journey through an online survey, depending on their answer to particular questions. This is on a page-by-page basis: you’ll be able to hide pages that are not relevant to a particular respondent, or take respondents straight to the final page of the survey if they do not qualify (for example if they live outside the target area).

Skip Logic can be a complex feature, so you’ll find lots of new documentation in the Knowledge Base to support you through the design, build and analysis of an Online Survey with Skip Logic rules. We’d recommend you begin with the Quick Start Guide to Skip Logic, but we’ve also included some key points below:

  • Plan your survey: set out the journey for respondents, and broad structure of your survey. Identify the key questions which will be used to control the Skip Logic rules. Don’t be afraid to get drawing!
    For more info, complete with our example of Post-It Note planning: How do I design a survey with Skip Logic?Build your survey as normal: To use Skip Logic, you’ll need to build a Linear Survey. You can edit your survey after you’ve set up your Skip Logic rules, but we’d really recommend that you get all the content straight beforehand, as changes made afterwards might have an impact on the routes.
  • You should also read: Which question types can be used for conditional Skip Logic?Add Skip Logic rules: Now, when building a linear Online Survey, you’ll see the ‘Skip Logic Settings’ page in the left-hand navigation. It looks like this:

Screenshot of the Skip Logic Settings page with no rules set up

  • From there, you’ll choose between conditional or unconditional Skip Logic, and the possible routes, depending on the available answers to the question.
    For full guidance on adding Skip Logic rules: How do I add and edit Skip Logic rules? 
  • Test your survey: Before publishing, test your survey in preview mode, making sure each route makes sense and includes all the necessary pages. Incorrectly configured rules could mean respondents miss important pages, or even create an infinite loop that would prevent respondents from completing and submitting the survey.

Delib have tried to simplify the process as much as we can, in the design and implementation of the feature as well as the supporting documentation. However, if you get stuck or have some feedback, please let us know.

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