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Engage Updates

Engage Update 1.101 – 11 June 2017

By June 22, 2017June 4th, 2019No Comments
  • 1 Overview

    A new version of Engage was released on Sunday 11th of June.

    This release focuses on adding video hosting to Engage and on fixing key bugs.

    2 Video hosting

    The Engage Media Manager now supports the option of uploading video files.
    Media manager with video files

    On the back of our recent change to host all media files on a CDN, Ubiquity are now confident that they can offer hosting of video files.

    Keep in mind, there are still a few restrictions:

    Allowed extensions: webm, flv, ogv, mov, mpeg, wmv, mpg, mp4
    Maximum File size: 30MB

  • 3 Tweaks and Fixes

    Improved drag and drop user experience by no longer showing a faded version of the component being dragged.
    Fixed the appearance of some TXT-related dialog boxes in the contact history screen.
    Merging international mobile numbers should no longer merge in blank values.
    The summary widget now displays the automated mailout end date.
    Anchor tags in the view online version of a mailout with an attachment should now be working.
    Preview emails where the [Database.Time(hh:mm)] formatter was used will no longer output seconds as well.
    The summary widget now displays the automated TXT Out end date.
    Fixed a bug where commas in survey responses would affect the layout of CSV downloads.
    Fixed a bug with triggered email deduping in Event after an email’s trigger conditions are changed.
    Fixed a number of small display issues in the default layout.
    The dropdown in the Advanced tab of layouts should now correctly highlight the available options.

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