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Engage Update 1.70 – July 13th 2013

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview of 1.70
  2. TXT Link Tracking
  3. API Query Call & Updates
  4. Syntax Highlighter
  5. Other Enhancements
  6. Tweaks and bug fixes

1. Overview of 1.70

1.70 was released on 13 July 2013.

This release includes TXT link tracking/shortening, a new API call, and other minor usability and interface improvements. As usual we have also put effort into performance improvements and bug fixes/tweaks.

2. TXT Link Tracking

We have now added link tracking to TXT messages in Engage.

This allows you to include personalised Engage links in your TXT messages and to track the effectiveness of your TXT campaigns.

TXT Link Tracking

Links in TXT messages automatically get tracked using shortened URLs which means any website link can be used in TXT messages including ones with Google Analytics, and they will still appear as a shortened link on the phone. is used by default however this can be changed to a custom host header for each account.

3. API Query Call & Updates

We have added a new API call which allows you to return a filtered set of contacts from your database using any of the available filters in Engage.

API Query Builder

To build your query, go into the API tab situated in the top right corner of Engage. On the API Query Builder page create an Engage filter and copy the output into your API call.

Documentation for the new query call can be found in the API Resource Centre.

4. Syntax Highlighter

A syntax highlighter has been added wherever you can edit HTML in Engage such as in email templates and layouts.

This makes it easier to make changes to the HTML without copying it into an external program.

Syntax Highlighter

5. Other Enhancements

Other Enhancements:
Dialogs now go transparent when dragging allowing you to see the content behind them.
Google Analytics appear on links when previewing a mailout so you can ensure they are correct and working properly.
You can now use #now# as the default, min or max value for date fields.#now# swaps in to the current date at the time that a user is filling out the form, meaning that if it is used as the max value, then the user cannot pick a date in the future.Min and Max values for dates can use #now#
All edits to a mailout are now recorded so you can check at any time to see who has made changes.Mailout History
The mailout history section has moved to the details screen and a new Mailout Recipients link has taken its place on the Mailout dashboard.Mailout Recipients
When testing Forms, Surveys and Events your test visits may be recorded against the live report. There is now a button on the report to clear all data so that you can reset the report before it goes live.

6. Tweaks and bug fixes

Tweaks and bug fixes for this release include:
The setup new user password link used to expire after only clicking it once, it will now only expire after the password has been set up.
Can now edit users who have an international dialing code for their mobile number.
Will no longer get an error when previewing an email template and viewing the online version if the database has no contacts.
Couldn’t change the layout of an email article in a Mailout. This now works.
On Mailout reports with a filter applied, when clicking on the number to view those contacts who read the email etc, it wouldn’t apply the filter from the Mailout report. It now does.
Previously Engage only did basic link checking to Ensure that links were valid. This meant that it was possible to have some code in the template (e.g. if the link was wrapped in literal tags) that caused certain links to break when the mailout was sent. This has been improved so now the tracked links screen and confirm screen will let you know if a link is invalid and can’t be tracked, and why. If the link is a personalised Engage link you will not be able to send the Mailout until the issue has been resolved.
Applying a when filter on an Automated Mailout now correctly applies the filter to the contacts returned.
Changing the links in an Automated Mailout will now continue to show historic links on the mailout report.
Paging now works when viewing Automated Mailouts.
If you tried to save a subscribe only form and it was missing a mandatory field that had special characters in the name then nothing would happen when you tried to save. This will now return the correct error message.
For some question types in survey, leaving the question text blank would generate an error.
Having a name template set up on an event, then deleting the field would cause an error to be displayed when viewing registrants.
File upload would return an error if the file name included characters that are usually HTML encoded e.g. the & symbol. These will now work.
Changing the image for a Facebook Share would still use the old cached image, this now works correctly.
Copy TXT Out dialog now lists TXTs in the order they were sent, not alphabetically.
TXT Outs with non-database filters could fail.
Can now add a filter on Insight report charts and grids without getting an error.
The /forms/{formID} call in the API resource centre didn’t work in Firefox. We’ve also added some checks to ensure mandatory fields for a call are completed before the call will be attempted.
The documentation on the API resource centre has been expanded for POST calls to make it easy to understand which parameters need to be passed through and what each is used for.
Form POST API calls now accept database field ID’s as well as the related form field ID’s.

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