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Engage Update – 1.72 – September 28th 2013

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Table of Contents

  1. Overview of 1.72
  2. Push Notifications
  3. Form Auto-Submit
  4. Survey Enhancements
  5. Engage on SSL
  6. Other Enhancements
  7. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

1. Overview of 1.72

1.72 was released on 28th September 2013.

In this release Ubiquity have introduced the new Engage Push Notifications module.

They have also included a few new features, more performance improvements and bug fixes.

2. Push Notifications

Push is a new module within Engage that allows you to send notifications to users who have your app installed on their mobile device.


Ubiquity have made it easy to get your message in front of your contacts fast. Push is ideal for time sensitive information or just when you want to connect with your contacts quickly.

App Messaging

Using Engage to push messages means you can segment based on your Engage data, you can personalise the messages and you can setup automated messages – easily.

To get started with using the Push module we’ll need to set your app up in Engage and a minor change will need to be made to the app that registers users with Engage.

3. Form Auto-Submit

Sometimes you may want a Web Form form to submit without the user having to click the Submit button.

For example; you may provide a “One Click Opt Out” option in your emails. Or a competition that people can enter just by clicking the link in an email.

Now, with this release, you can.

Simply check the Form Auto-Submit option under Edit Form Settings.

Filter conditions default to equals if available

A form won’t Auto-Submit if there are validation errors.

4. Survey Enhancements

Survey respondents can now click a link to view the response they just entered. This appears as a single page.

You can add the link to the Thank You page of your survey or on a triggered email via the Engage Link Selector.

Insert View Response link

The page is formatted using the survey layout. The survey response is read only and is not able to be edited.

View Survey Response

There is also an enhanced printable version of a survey. Printable versions are good for gathering responses using pen and paper.

The printable version can now print out any survey logic. This will help the researcher with the logic when completing the survey.

Logic on Survey printable version

5. Engage on SSL

Ubiquity have got an ongoing security programme and in this release they have tightened it even further.

Engage uses SSL on some pages (log in, add user and change password) but not others.

Login on SSL

Using SSL on every page can cause browser popup warnings which make using Engage impossible.

In this release we’ve made a change to get around the browser warnings. Now SSL can be switched on across the entire logged in area of Engage.

SSL will be turned on across Engage accounts slowly over the next few weeks.

For the technically minded we’re proxying insecure content so it loads as https. Images in CSS files won’t proxy correctly so there is a chance that some SSL warnings may still appear.

Please note that public pages will stay as they are (links to Surveys, Forms and Events). This enhancement is for the logged in area. However SSL is available for the public pages so please don’t hesitate to contact us for information.

6. Other Enhancements

Other Enhancements:
When opening the filter dialog the default option for most filter conditions used to be “is blank” however this isn’t the most commonly used condition. Now filter dialogs will default to “equals” if it’s one of the available conditions.

Filter conditions default to equals if available

The date range filter at the top of Insight reports used to only apply to charts on the report, now it applies to grids too. This makes it easy to add all mailouts to a grid, but filter to only show those ones that were sent in the date range you’re interested in.

Add Insight report date filter

The date range filter can be overridden in the options for individual questions.

Override Insight report filter on individual charts and grids

There was some feedback that the options on the event settings page for Anonymous Tickets vs Named Places were confusing so Ubiquity have done a full tidy up on the event settings page to hopefully make this a little clearer.

Event options

Custom form validation can now be copied and displays in a dialog on the page making it easier and faster to add custom validation.

Custom form validation

Exclusive options on surveys (e.g. Don’t Know questions or exclusive Other options) now always display as radio buttons, even if the rest of the options are checkboxes. This makes it obvious to users that selecting one of these options will deselect any other options they may have chosen.

Exclusive survey options

An accept dialog has been added to the end of the import wizard, just like we have when doing a bulk update or segment in your database. These actions have the ability to change a lot of data at once, so it’s important that they’re correct.

Import accept dialog

Ubiquity have added a column on the view messages page in TXT to show the content of the TXT messages. This makes it easier to see the messages you’re receiving without having to open them one-by-one.

View TXT messages

7. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Tweaks and Bug Fixes:
Sometimes share images wouldn’t load first time in Facebook, if you clicked refresh then the image would appear. Trying different image sizes seemed to fix this for specific images, however we believe we’ve now found a more permanent solution.
Some performance enhancements around previewing email templates and sending preview emails.
Friendly file names now appear when downloading media manager files.
Previously you could break your event data by changing a select field type (radio buttons, dropdown, etc) into a hidden field. We’ve made it so you can no longer do this.
If you had a filter that contained itself as a condition, then this could cause Engage to fall over as it got stuck in an infinite loop. We’ve fixed this up so it will check to make sure a filter does not contain a reference to itself.
When editing a link on an image sometimes the image would then disappear and just show the image code instead. We’ve fixed this up.
International mobile numbers now work correctly throughout Engage.
You can view the edit history of nearly all items in Engage from their details/settings page. This has now been tidied up to be more consistent.
When viewing recipients of an automated mailout you’d sometimes get the same row duplicated a number of times. This has now been fixed. We’ve also added the ability to filter by send date for an automated mailout, and added this to the filter when you click through from the report to view the recipients.
Sometimes when uploading a file in an import an error could display saying the file was too large when it wasn’t. This could confuse people. We’ve added in a different error for when the file has failed to upload for another reason.
Previously if you had an event that was full, then made it inactive, the full page would still appear. Now the inactive message will display.
The programme summary widget in TXT would not refresh when clicking the refresh button so they numbers were often incorrect. This has now been fixed.
Some new users created after the last release did not get Two Factor Authentication turned on. These users will now need to receive a verification TXT before they can next log into Engage.
Event was not processing American Express cards correctly. This now works.
Logging in was slow for API token and some users. We’ve now sped this up so API calls should go much faster.

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