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Engage Update – 1.74 – December 7th 2013

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Ubiquity have brought out some great new features just in time for Christmas. One of the most exciting is the ability to easily import transactional data against your contacts. While this might all sound a bit abstract what it means is you can easily store and capture a whole range of ‘other’ interactions you have with your contacts. Yes – just like a CRM.

Read more below to see how the transactional database works along with other updates.

1. Overview of 1.74

1.74 was released on 7 December 2013.

This release includes the ability to import your transactional data. A lot of work has also been put into performance improvements and bug fixes.

2. Import Transactional Data

In the last release we introduced Transactional Databases so you can store information in Engage about what goods or services a person has purchased.

Previously it was only possible to import transactional data via the Engage API. In this release we’ve added the ability to import your transactional data via the Engage interface.

Importing transactions is much like importing contacts, however there is one extra step where you select which fields identify the database contact that the transaction belongs to. This could be the contact’s reference ID, or it could be some other unique field from your database e.g. a Customer ID or Email Address.

Transactional Data

You can find the option to import transactions on the transactional database dashboard.

3. Other Enhancements

Other Enhancements:
A new option has been added in survey post logic to not to the submit page and instead return a message to the user.

Transactional Data

This option works the same as those in forms and events, and can be useful for things such as making sure the user has checked a terms and conditions box before being allowed to proceed.

4. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Tweaks and Bug Fixes:
Could not import contacts in IE7. This has now been fixed.
Clicking the clear button beside a quick search in database was not working in IE7. This has now been fixed.
Previewing an email template, then adding a filter to one of the articles in the email template would sometimes disable the page. This has now been fixed.
Automated mailouts now always appear in filter dialog. Previously they would only appear after they had been sent, but this made it difficult to add a filter to only send the email to people who haven’t already received it.
Having a confirmation page on a form auto-redirect to another Engage page would sometimes not personalise the link. This has now been fixed.
Survey logic gets warning signs when left open without any changes for more than 10 minutes. This has now been fixed.
In Event if you reordered fields then tried to add custom validation it would return an error. This now works correctly.
Event no longer accepts a negative number of tickets to be purchased.
Previewing an Anonymous Places event now lets you purchase more than one ticket.
Can now merge event date on an event form e.g. in the intro copy. Previously it could only be used on the outro copy or in triggered emails. This allows the event date to be dynamic so you only have to change it in the settings and it will automatically update everywhere else.
Could not turn off link tracking in triggered emails. This has now been fixed.
An error would be returned when trying to view a sent form or event triggered email for a contact that had been read. This now works correctly.
TXT Outs will no longer fail if there are international mobile numbers included in the recipients. Note: Engage will not send TXT messages to international numbers.
Link tracking in TXT programmes would not work if you also had a merge field in the TXT content. This has now been fixed.
Accounts not configured for TXT could cause errors when pulling contact history via the API.
Super User permissions are now required in an account to view API tokens.
Performance improvements have been made around previewing email templates/mailouts and viewing mailout reports.

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