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Engage Update – 1.76 – March 15th 2014

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1. Overview of 1.76

1.76 was released on 15 March 2014.

In this release Ubiquity have focussed on improving the Survey module in Engage and are continuing the expansion of Transactional Databases by implementing the ability to filter on transactional data.

There are also many interface tweaks and bug fixes.

2. Transactional Data Filtering

You can now filter on transactional data.

Filtering on transactions works slightly different to standard filtering as each contact can have multiple transactions. This also means there are extra options for performing calculations on those transactions when filtering.

Calculations that can be performed are: Sum, Average, Count, Maximum and Minimum. Which options will be available depend on the type of field that you’re applying the calculation to.

Filter on Transactional Tables

First you select the transactional table that you want to filter on, then you can add multiple filter conditions for transactions that the contact must have in order to match the filter.

In the screenshot you can see that we are looking for contacts who have purchased plants after 1 Jan 2014. Engage also allows you to perform optional calculations on these transactions. So instead of just returning all contacts who have purchased plants this year, it also sums the sale price of those plant purchases. The final filter returns all contacts who have spent more than $100 on plants purchased after 1 Jan 2014.

3. Same Page Survey Logic

One of the biggest changes to Survey in this release is same page survey logic.

This means that you can add logic to show a question, or make a question mandatory, based on another question on the same page.

To make this work Ubiquity have made a distinction between page logic and question logic.

Page logic refers to logic applied at the page level, such as the movement of a respondent between pages and includes conditions such as “Move to another page”, “Survey is complete” etc. This should be added in the pre and post logic sections.

Prelogic Otherwise condition

Question logic refers to logic applied to individual questions, such as the visibility or mandatory status of an individual question. You can now add logic directly to a question in the “Edit Question” dialog, rather than in the pre- and post-logic sections. For backwards-compatibility it is still possible to add question logic via the pre- and post-logic sections.

Add Question Logic

Question logic can be seen against the related question in the designer so it’s easy to make sure you’ve got the logic right.

Question Logic

Questions being shown or made mandatory will now work if the questions referenced in the logic are on the same page, a different page, or a combination of both.

Note that showing and hiding based on questions on the same page does rely on the user having JavaScript enabled in their browser. If JavaScript is not enabled the respondent will see a message at the top telling them that the survey cannot be personalised unless they turn JavaScript on. This message can be customised in the layout.

4. Other Survey Enhancements

Other Survey Enhancements:
Dynamic Checkbox Options

If you have a max number of options set for checkboxes then when the user checks that number of boxes the other options will get disabled. This gives instant visual feedback to users and stops them selecting too many. If the respondent unchecks an option then the other options become enabled again.

Maximum Number of Options

If JavaScript is disabled on a respondents browser then this will fall back to the existing behaviour of returning a validation error when they click the next button.

Incomplete Responses

You can now view incomplete responses in Engage, edit them and mark them as complete.Previously you could only view complete responses against the survey, however sometimes, especially for long surveys, you could get people dropping off half way through. You can now view these responses or find an incomplete response and complete it for someone.

View incomplete responses

There is an option on the view responses page to include incomplete responses, which you can then edit or mark as complete.

Mark partial survey response as complete

Incomplete Responses in Contact HistoryIncomplete responses always did appear in contact history, however it wasn’t easy to differentiate between incomplete and complete responses.Now you will see “Response started” for incomplete responses and “Responded” when the response is complete.

Contact History - Survey response started

Prelogic Otherwise

Ubiquity have added an ‘Otherwise’ condition to prelogic which makes it easier to add logic around who should see the page.Previously you’d have to add logic about who didn’t see the page, which could get confusing with lots of double-negative conditions.Now it’s much easier – add logic for who should see the page and an otherwise condition to skip to the next page.

Prelogic Otherwise condition

New Subquestion Filter Options

Questions that have subquestions now have additional filter options.This makes it much easier to add logic that looks for if any/all subquestions were answered in a specific way.For example, if you want to show a separate page to any respondents who answered ‘Disagree’ or ‘Strongly Disagree’ to one of the subquestions then you only need to add that as one logic condition – not one for every subquestion like you had to do previously.

Subquestion Filter Options

View Responses Redesign

Ubiquity  have made some changes to the view responses section to make it more intuitive. Now just go to view responses and everything you need should be there – chose live or preview responses using the new buttons, filter the responses and then download or delete them all from the same screen.

View Responses

Respond/Preview Survey TweaksOn the ‘Preview Your Survey’ and ‘Respond To Your Survey’ pages you can now load a saved filter to make finding the contacts you’re after easier.We have also made some other small interface tweaks to this screen.
Reusable Preview LinkWe’ve added a reusable preview link to the ‘Preview Your Survey’ page in Engage.This allows you to send the preview link around to other members of your team for testing the survey – even if they don’t have Engage logins.Just remember to use the live link and not the preview link when sending the survey to your respondents.
Question Options TweaksWhen choosing to pipe options from another question the dropdown only includes pages that actually have a pipeable (multi-select) question on them.Also, when editing options on questions you can now use tab to tab through the display text and values. Previously it would tab through all the buttons too.

5. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

All files uploaded via the Media Manager are now virus checked.
Sometimes you couldn’t edit a share to social when using a custom share icon. This has now been fixed.
In imports you can now map any field in your import to any field in your Engage database. Previously Engage would try to be smart about which mappings it would allow but could sometimes get it wrong. Now it will let you map the field, but it will still check the data in the next step of the import to make sure it’s the right type for that field.
Files uploaded when adding a contact will now work correctly.
Some people may have noticed a decrease in reads in Yahoo. This was caused by a change at Yahoo’s end that meant reads weren’t sending back the email client to us. This should now start reporting correctly again.
When viewing contacts who marked a mailout as spam the email now has the email status of marked as spam rather than delivered.
Ubiquity have added support for Blackberry and Symbian in the email clients reports.
Send report by email will no longer throw an Engage error if you don’t specify a To email address.
Copying a triggered email from one form/survey/event to another will now correctly copy the template options.
Web developers sometimes found that they couldn’t add more fields to element blocks in email templates. This has been fixed.
Gmail spam reports were not being correctly processed. These now will be.
Sometimes when editing elements the content would not appear correctly in the fields. This has been fixed.
If someone resumes a survey and the page they were on has been deleted then it will no longer show an error. Now it will put them on the most recent page they completed.
When you resume a response and you were on the intro page it will now no longer put you on the first page of the survey, but will leave you on the intro page until you click start.
If someone opens a survey response to resume it in two different tabs so they can go back to check their answers in one tab, sometimes the order of the pages could get mixed up. This has now been fixed.
When you move a survey from one account to another it will now move you into the new account correctly.
Trying to copy survey questions from a different survey will now work correctly.
Spreadsheet questions set to accept whole or decimal numbers no longer error if the number contains a comma.
If you have pre-logic that moves to the next page, and there is no next page then the survey will no longer error.
Values merged into a survey response will no longer disappear when you click back then forward again.
Date pickers on date fields will no longer appear half-way up the page in the survey designer.
If you edit a preview response you will no longer get the dialog asking which triggered emails to send as triggered emails do not send for previews.
Ranking questions no longer make you complete the whole question before allowing you to navigate back on a response.
Can now edit a survey response with the responses and reporting permission, rather than the survey administrator permission.
When you edit the settings page of an event it now records exactly what’s changed in the event history.
Some of the larger Engage accounts were timing out crunching the Insight data overnight so some of the charts displayed no data. We have sped this up so they should start working again.
Insight charts with the display incremental setting turned on will no longer show an error when they have no data.
If you add a merge field to a survey or event section in the Content HTML of a layout, then come back into the layout and save it without saving this Content HTML section the merge fields would stop working. This has now been fixed.
In layouts, when submitting a form in the preview section to test it there was no easy way to get back to view the form again from the confirmation page. The page selector will now show the correct page. E.g. if you’re on the form page and submit it to see the confirmation page, then you can use the page selector to jump back to the form page.
API imports can now map to system fields, e.g. Reference ID.
Filter query string parameter on GET /database/contacts call now works.

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