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Engage Update 1.77 – 12th April 2014

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1. Overview of 1.77

1.77 was released on 12 April 2014.

This release has been pulled forward by a week due to the Easter holidays. As such this release is mostly a maintenance release, focussing on bug fixes and performance improvements.

2. IE7 Support

Internet Explorer 7

As of this release Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) has been removed from the list of supported browsers for Engage.

Older browsers such as IE7 don’t support a lot of the new technology that allow developers to make better and more powerful web applications. As such, removing IE7 support allows us to develop Engage to leverage off the latest technologies.

IE7 users will still be able to log in and we will continue to fix any major bugs that affect basic Engage use, however any new features we add may not function or display correctly.

Public elements such as forms/surveys/events will continue to work in IE7.

If you are using Engage in IE7 it is recommended you upgrade to one of the supported browsers.

3. Drag & Drop to Reorder Questions

Reordering in Engage now uses drag and drop, rather than the up and down arrows that were there previously.

To reorder questions and logic in the form/survey/event designers, you can just grab the question with your mouse and drag it to reorder.

Drag & Drop Reorder

For question options, such as on checkbox and radio button questions, you’ll see a new drag handle beside each option.

Drag & Drop Reorder

4. Survey Updates

Drag & Drop Ranking Questions

When you add a ranking question, there is now a new option in the Field Type dropdown for ‘Draggable list’.

Choosing this field type changes the ranking question to be drag and drop with items on the left side that can be dragged and dropped onto the placeholders on the right side.

Drag & Drop Ranking Question

If JavaScript is disabled in the respondents browser this question type will fall back to the standard radio button ranking method.

Note: this feature was originally scheduled for the 1.76 release.

Multiple Don’t Know Options

Don’t Know options in Engage allow you to add exclusive options in a multi-select list.

Survey Don't Know Options

Previously you could only have one Don’t Know option for each question, however we found this was often restrictive.

For example, you might want to have options for “Don’t Know”, “Not Applicable” and “I don’t want to say”. Respondents should be able to either answer the question normally, or choose only one of these options instead.

Survey Don't Know Options

Now you can add multiple don’t know options to each question. You can also define the response values for these options which are used when downloading responses.

Save Button for Save & Resume

Previously, when a survey had save and resume turned on it was only every time a respondent clicked next that their response would get saved. This meant that respondents couldn’t close the survey with a half-completed page and still keep their answers.

Now they can. When your survey has save and resume turned on, a setting will appear on the settings page that allows you to show a save button on your survey. Respondents can click this save button at any time to save their survey progress so they can resume their page at a later time.

5. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Filtering on transactions will now work correctly in Internet Explorer.
Added filter options for transactions to filter on Has Transactions or Has No Transactions.
Date filters for transactions can now be used to compare two different transactional date fields.
Clicking the icon on the add transaction button no longer shows the current page within the dialog, it now correctly shows the add transaction form.
Files uploaded with odd characters in the file names, such as { and } will now download correctly.
Bulk updates and segments now work correctly when filtering on mailouts.
Google Analytics tags for links now appear on the confirm screen of In Design mailouts so it’s easier to double check they’re correct before sending. They also appear on the details screen of sent mailouts.
Filtering for Has Clicked on a mailout folder now works correctly.
Paging now works correctly on the automated mailouts filter page.
Adding a new tracked link to a mailout that is the same as another tracked link in the mailout now works correctly.
Sometimes mailout widgets could be a little slow to update with the latest delivery numbers, we have sped this up.
If an email has been marked as spam this will now show on the main contact history page for a contact.
Custom validation on update forms now works correctly when it references fields from other products, e.g. survey and event.
Can now create a triggered email with the same name as one that has been deleted.
Adding survey logic in IE8 will no longer make the screen hang.
Pre-logic on page 1 of a survey will now work correctly when the survey has an intro page.
“Response resumed” now gets written to history whenever someone resumes a survey response, previously it was only doing this if the response was anonymous.
Fixed a minor interface bug where sometimes sub questions could go red when they shouldn’t when filling in a survey.
Changing a radio button list that has logic attached to a checkbox list will no longer show an error when trying to complete the survey.
Filtering on Response Completed now works correctly.
Copying a survey triggered email now copies the conditions as well.
Piping and show/hide logic now work correctly in survey previews when you fail validation – it no longer shows all options/questions.
Live survey URL no longer errors if you haven’t added any questions to the survey.
You can now add survey logic to a don’t know option when all other response values are numbers.
Choose a max number of options to rank on a ranking group question, when adding more sub questions it will now only show the max number of options you chose, rather than adding more.
Some performance improvements have been made around survey reports.
Same-page survey logic will show a warning against the logic in the survey designer if any of the logic conditions are invalid.
If you copy an event the triggered emails attached to the event also get copied – the pre-header text, template options and articles now also get copied across.
Event confirmation page now works correctly in Internet Explorer 8.
The widget will now update much sooner to show the notifications as delivered after a push notification has been sent.
TXT now has disable toggles on filter conditions when previewing a TXT message.
A media manager button has now been added into layouts so it’s easier to add custom images. This has also been added everywhere else in Engage where you can edit HTML.
Number fields in transactional merge outputs now output correctly as numbers and not as a string.
JSON ForEach blocks now work correctly inside articles.
All API ID’s can now be seen on the API ID’s page irrespective of user permissions.

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