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Engage Update 1.78 – 24th May 2014

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1. Overview of 1.78

1.78 is scheduled for release on 24 May 2014.

This release has focused on enhancing the security of Engage as well as working on bug fixes and performance improvements.

2. Transactional Article Filtering

The March release introduced the ability to filter on transactional data, now it has expanded that to being able to filter on transactional data in email articles.

This means you can now dynamically show and hide articles in mailouts depending on each contact’s transactional data.

Transactional Article Filtering

3. Mailout Bounce Messages

Previously if an email bounced there was no easy way of knowing why it bounced.

Now when viewing the message in contact history you can see the bounce reason beside the status.

Bounce Reason

It is now much easier to see who clicked each link in your mailout.

When viewing a mailout report you can now click on the unique numbers beside each link.

See who clicked each link

This will take you to the filter page where it shows you all contacts who clicked that link.

See who clicked each link

Note: If multiple links were combined as part of the tracked link on the report then you’ll see a filter item for each link.

5. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Importing a file with date/time data into a date field in the Engage database now correctly strips off the time part.
Importing CSV files always now default to double quotes as the delimiter. This will prevent odd characters in the CSV file from messing up the processing.
Email address validation within Engage has now been tweaked to support some of the new top level domains e.g. “.kiwi”.
When filtering on transactional tables in mailouts sometimes extra fields were displayed that shouldn’t be there. These will no longer appear.
Downloading recipients no longer errors if Reference ID is included in the download file.
You can now filter on contacts who read emails on Apple Mail, Symbian, Windows Phone and Other Mobile.
Editing form triggered emails for accounts that are using HTTPS will no longer break the images in the triggered email.
The copy on default opt out forms when you set up a new account has been tweaked.
Same page logic now works correctly when all response values are numeric.
Page logic now works correctly when there is both an ‘Other’ and ‘Don’t Know’ option on the question.
In the last release we added new logic options on questions with subquestions (e.g. “if any subquestion is in…”) these now work correctly with checkbox rating group questions.
When you copy a survey all merge fields that reference questions on that survey will now be updated to reference questions on the new survey rather than the old one.
If you have a hidden question on a survey that question will never appear when viewing responses even if the question has data or is shown with logic. All hidden questions will now appear when viewing responses.
All options were appearing on the printable version of a response for piped questions. Now only those that should be piped will appear.
When changing a select question (e.g. a checkbox list) to a rating question all the response values will now automatically change to be numeric.
Hitting refresh in your browser on the first page of a survey that has an introduction page will no longer return an error.
Question numbers no longer show in previews when they’re set to off.
A grey box was appearing at the top of surveys in IE7 & IE8. This has now been removed.
The source for survey responses will now be correct when auto-redirected from the outro page of a form.
When a question is shown or hidden with same page logic it will now animate in rather than just suddenly appearing.
When you copy an event all merge fields that reference questions on that event will now be updated to reference questions on the new event rather than the old one.
Insight should now be a lot faster to use.
The SmartCase function will no longer capitalise the last “S” in a word after an apostrophe.

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