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Engage Update 1.80 – 23rd July 2014

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1. Overview of 1.80

1.80 is scheduled for release on 2 August 2014.

In this release, Ubiquity have changed the way that unique fields in the database work and added filtering on forms, as well as some bug fixes and performance improvements.

2. Non-mandatory Unique Fields

The way unique fields work in Database has now been updated so that you can create multiple unique fields, or groups of fields, and those fields do not have to be mandatory.

This provides a lot more flexibility in the way that the Database can be used and should reduce the need for using multiple accounts in some situations.

It used to be that you could select one or more mandatory fields that would be unique together in your database.

How unique fields used to work

Now you can select multiple fields or groups of fields which should be unique in the database. These fields may or may not be mandatory.

Add multiple unique groups

So it could be that all contacts have a Customer Number and this should be unique, but you also sent out a DM to some contacts with a unique code on. This field is not mandatory as not all contacts received the DM, but for those contacts who have one it should be unique.

You can add as many of these unique groups as you like.

If you add multiple fields to a group then these must be unique in combination. So, you could have First Name and Email Address as unique together. Engage will allow multiple email addresses that are the same, so long as the contacts have different first names, and vice versa.

3. Filter on Forms

Filter on forms
Ubiquity have now added the option to filter on form submissions, so you can easily find contacts who have completed your forms.

Previously, if you had a form and wanted to identify who completed it, such as a competition entry form, you needed to remember to add a hidden field to the form setting a flag in the database to identify these contacts.

Now you can filter on who has visited a form, whether they completed it and when, whether they were added or updated, which triggered emails they received, etc.

4. Enhancements

Other Enhancements:
Add Start Date to Triggered Email and Automated Mailout Reports In the last release they added the ability to set a start date on Form, Event and TXT Programme reports.

Report start date

We have now added this same start date option to Triggered Email and Automated Mailout reports as well. This allows you to exclude test data from your report.

File Upload via APIWe’ve added some new API calls to allow you to retrieve or upload a file into a file upload field against a contact or transaction.

Upload and download files via API

API call details can be found on the resource centre after the deploy.

5. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Super users were unable to edit the details of other users. This has now been fixed.
Long account names now wrap correctly when searching accounts using the Engage Accounts dashboard widget.
Saved filters that reference transactional data will now work in the filter summary widget.
Using the bulk delete contacts feature now refreshes the data grid after it completes.
Some opens in Gmail were not correctly getting marked as being from the Gmail email client, instead they would show up as Other. This has now been fixed. Mailout reports sent during the time this wasn’t getting recorded correctly will get migrated during the week after the deploy.
Unsubscribe feedback through Gmail (and other email clients who supply auto-unsubscribe functionality) now unsubscribes contacts instead of marking them as GNA.
Charts with over 1,000 data points on will now display correctly. This impacted reports for Automated Mailouts, Forms and Events that were created prior to October 2011.
Links to view contacts from Automated Mailout reports now work when filtered by a date range.
Some links to specific websites where the link had Google Analytics tracking code could break if the friendly name contained an HTML encoded character. This has now been fixed.
Copy mailout dialog now lists the last 100 mailouts sent from each mailout folder, rather than the last 50.
When a survey is restricted to database contacts only it will no longer show an error screen when you view the anonymous survey link. Instead you will see the survey inactive page.
Fixed an IE9 bug with piping where questions to pipe on the first page wouldn’t show in the dropdown.
Fixed piping page dropdown so it will now show you the page you’re piping from by default.
Scheduled event triggered emails now record reads correctly for recipients who do not click a link.
Certain events in some accounts could error sending scheduled triggered emails. This has been fixed.
Percentage signs now show up correctly on public report.
Clicking on links in TXT programme reports now return the messages that match that filter.
Custom fields are now wider so you can more easily see the data you enter into the fields.
Total number of transactions now get returned when querying transactions so you can page through the results.

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