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Engage Update 1.81 – 30th August 2014

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1. Overview of 1.81

1.81 was released on 30 August 2014.

In this release Ubiquity have added the ability to preview mobile versions of responsive emails/forms/surveys/events and have added same-page piping to survey. A number of other enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements are also included.

2. Preview mobile versions

Preview mobile versions
Users can now preview the mobile versions of emails, forms, surveys and events.

If you have a mobile optimized email template or layout, this means that you can easily see how your template will look at different device widths.

Simply select which mode you want to preview in and watch it dynamically resize. Ubiquity added these options in both the preview and designer to make it easy to view the mobile version at any time.

This feature is leveraging off technology only available in modern browsers so unfortunately will not work in IE8. We recommend upgrading or using a compatible browser.

3. Same page survey piping

Same page piping

Earlier in the year Ubiquity added same page survey logic, now Ubiquity have expanded on this further and introduced same page survey piping.

This final step means you no longer need to split a survey into multiple pages to support specific survey functionality.

When piping is used the question being piped won’t appear until you you’ve selected at least one option from the base question. Then only those options you’ve selected in the base question will actually appear.

Note that showing and hiding the piped question and options on the same page does rely on the user having JavaScript enabled in their browser. If JavaScript is not enabled the respondent will see a message at the top telling them that the survey cannot be personalised unless they turn JavaScript on. This message can be customised in the layout.

4. Other enhancements

Other enhancements:
Edit automated mailouts when active 

To view the HTML of an automated mailout or to make a small tweak it needed to be deactivated. Sometimes however it was easy to forget to reactivate the triggered email afterwards.You can now view the full content of and make edits to an automated while active, similar to how triggered emails work.

Edit an active automated mailout

Mailout folder widget stats 

The mailout folder summary widget now includes stats for how many emails in the folder have been delivered, bounced, read, and have had links clicked.

Mailout folder summary widget

View all sent triggered emails 

Previously the widget for a form triggered email would show you the number of messages sent but when you clicked on that number to view those triggered emails it would return fewer messages.This is because it was returning one row per database contact, so if a contact had received the email multiple times only their last email would be returned.

View all sent triggered emails

Now Engage will return all triggered emails sent, including those where the database contact (for form triggered emails) or event registration (for event triggered emails) has been deleted. In those cases the email will be visible but the contact/registration fields in the data table will be blank.

New Push API calls 

Ubiquity have added two new API calls that allow you to extract all registered devices for an app, and to get the registration details for a specific device.

New Push API calls

API call details can be found on the resource centre after the deploy.

5. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Importing transactional data with identical rows no longer fails those rows.
When downloading contacts and choosing to also download uploaded files, you would get an error if someone had uploaded two files with the same name. This has now been fixed.
Email reads are recorded when a user downloads a small tracker image at the bottom of the email they receive. In Gmail however, long emails get truncated so unless the user clicked a link in the email or clicked through to view the full email (even if they downloaded the rest of the images) the email would not get recorded as read. If possible, we now use the first media manager image in the template as the tracker image. If this is not available or suitable then it will fall back to the 1px tracker image at the bottom of the template.
Mailout folder reports would show the mailout names in the dropdown, however when you selected one of those mailouts to view the report it would show you a different mailout. This has now been fixed.
Downloading recipients for a mailout no longer errors if some of the recipients have been deleted from the database.
Google Analytics on links when previewing mailouts will now work correctly if a merge field in the link contains a question mark.
Emails sent with only a text version now display correctly on the interface.
Adding confirmation fields on forms could sometimes hide the mandatory asterisk on the field, and removing them could also remove the database field from the form too. These issues have now been fixed.
Double-click prevention on form submission has now been improved to work correctly in Safari.
For contacts who had received a form triggered email that got deleted, you’d sometimes get an error trying to preview mailouts as that contact or viewing forms/surveys/events as that contact. This has now been fixed.
Some fixes have been made to survey page numbering including keeping the default numbering style in the designer and only using the custom numbers for the actual survey; beginning a preview on a page mid-way through a survey now starts the numbering at that page number and not page 1; hiding questions no longer changes those question numbers in the designer.
The add question dropdown menu has now been tidied up so questions are in a more sensible order (this is now also consistent with form/event).
The List Box select question type has been removed.
Images in triggered emails were incorrectly getting replaced with the SSL proxied image url. This should no longer happen.
Viewing recipients of a sent push notification will no longer error.
We have replaced PushWoosh as our push delivery engine and now fully control the sending of all push notifications. We will manually migrate existing Push users over to the new system before the next release.
The GET /txt/programmes/{programmeID}/messages API call now has extra parameters to loop through all TXT messages.

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