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Engage Update 1.82 – 3rd October 2014

By October 3, 2014June 4th, 2019No Comments

Ubiquity are due to release Engage 1.82 on 4th October 2014.

In this release Ubiquity have revised the Media Manager to make uploading & managing images and documents easier, the ability to TXT international numbers and a number of other enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements are also included.


2. Improved Media Manager

New Media Manager

Upload, browse and search through your images and documents even easier and faster in the revamped Media Manager, the central media library where all your images are stored:

  1. upload multiple files at once
  2. use drag & drop to upload
  3. better search capability – quickly find what you need using filters to refine your search results

Ubiquity have also improved the overall look and feel:

  1. larger thumbnails for faster browsing
  2. progress bars to track your uploads

3. Other enhancements

Send international TXT messagesYou can now send TXT messages to international mobiles through Engage.Using the Engage TXT interface you can create TXT programs and TXT outs to send TXT messages to your international contacts.
Survey dynamic & consecutive question numberingFollowing on from the previous release Ubiquity have issued a number of improvements to the dynamic numbering system and added a new setting for consecutive numbering to have the numbering system continue over a number of pages

Dynamic and Consecutive Numbering in Surveys

Same page logic will dynamically alter the numbering ensuring the responder sees only a correct and consecutive system of numbers, unbroken by hidden questions.

Mailout view recipients screen now shows extra informationWhen viewing the recipients of a mailout you can now view the ‘First Read On’, ‘Read On’, ‘Bounce Reason’, Opted Out’ and ‘Read more than once’ details.

Additional details for mail recipients

You can also download these details from the view recipients screen too.

Article text fields in easy edit articles now have the merge field inserter buttonWhen editing EasyEdit templates you can now easily insert merge fields into text fields using the Merge inserter button.

Merge in EasyEdit text fields

Copying items from the item dashboardNew Copy ButtonYou can now copy items directly from that items own dashboard. This allows you to view the item they want to copy and copy it directly, no longer having to go back to the main dashboard and create new -> from copy.Previously it was only possible to copy one of the the last 100 mailouts in a mailout folder, however you should now be able to copy any mailout ever sent.If you copy a form/survey/event that has triggered emails, all the triggered emails will also copy although they will also be deactivated in the process.
API only FormsIt is now possible to make a form available only through API

API only setting within form setting page

This adds extra security around forms that are specifically designed for use via the API. If someone manages to get hold of the form link they will not be able to access the form at all.

Send Push via APIUbiquity have created a new API call for sending Push messages to a registered device.This means you’ve got more advanced functionality with Push notifications such as sending a notification to a contact when they take some action or when their data changes allowing you to communicate with them at the most opportune moment. As part of this they have also added a call that allows you to get the status of a Push notification you’ve sent.These will be available in the resources centre after the release has gone live.

New Send Push API Call

Get Push Details API Call

4. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

– The first user in an account would previously always be a super user ignoring any permissions set when creating them, now new users will now only start with the permissions they have been granted.
– Additional logging has been added to track changes to mailouts, events, surveys and TXT programmes giving you visibility of who made changes and when.
Using an ‘&’ or other symbol in an ‘is in’ filter condition will now work correctly.
Making a database field mandatory after its initial creation will now correctly set all blank values in the database to the default value.
The delete all contacts functionality will now work when you have a unique group on your database.
Segmenting one contact will now complete and no longer hang.
When importing transactional data, any error messages relating to the data will now be more informative.
When using a custom form in a database, validation will now return the expected error messages.
Filtering on a transactional table using a date picker now works correctly.
Significant performance improvements to the report loading times particularly for mailout folder reports
For pre-scheduled mailouts you can now see the estimated email count on the widget which also means you’ll get a more accurate estimated send time.
On the view recipients screen if filtering using a ‘read any automated mailout on’ condition for a different mailout the downloaded responses option now returns the correct number of rows.
Triggered Email
Event triggered emails can now access merge fields from modules other than Database and Event.
The actual email address the triggered email was sent to is displayed in contact history rather than the current one.
Triggered emails will now show which email client was used to read the email in contact history.
Saving changes to fields and validation at the same time as saving the settings page will no longer overwrite each other.
Using a form merge field that was populated with #now# now merges the form submission time rather than actually merging “#now#”.
Adding logic to show and hide content blocks is now working as expected.
On the printable versions of surveys check boxes and ranking questions were able to be interacted with if the max checkbox option was set. These have now been disabled.
If a survey page was deleted and a contact resumes their response the survey will no longer error for them. Now you are able to complete the survey as expected.
Fixed an error when editing survey questions in IE8.
When single response per respondent was turned on and someone tried to start a second response they would still be shown the Intro page if it was set up. It will no longer do this.
Questions are no longer able to pipe to themselves.
Deleting a survey question will now warn you when there are responses to that question. We recommend hiding these questions on your survey instead to be able to access the response data at a later date.
Public reports would previously not fetch the latest data on a refresh and would show the edit narratives button. This has now been fixed.
Merge fields in a triggered email that is copied to a different event will now reference the corresponding merge fields in the new event.
Downloading responses to events where there are unanswered check box questions will no longer error.
Payment pages will now default to an SSL page giving added confidence to the end user.
Filtering database contacts on registered push devices now works as expected.
Links shared on Facebook would sometimes fail to show the content correctly on the first click. This has now been fixed.
Facebook share icons now have height and width attributes, this will ensure that in Outlook 03 the icons stay the expected size.
Reordering of Insight charts would previously not save the new order and return to default. This has now been fixed.
API Call /form/{FormID} now returns all form field settings.
API Calls to import data and transactions will now support Excel file types.
ID’s for transactional table system fields now appear in the API ID’s page.

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