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Engage Update 1.83 – November 8th 2014

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1. Overview of 1.83

1.83 is due for release on November 8th 2014.

In this release Ubiquity have introduced functionality to enable advanced filtering of forms using API calls, the ability to use placeholder information on forms and a number of other enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements are also included.

2. Advanced API validation for forms

API validation on Forms

Using advanced API validation you can use API calls to validate data input on forms against a variety of sources.

  • Enables you to use voucher codes that are expired instantly and prevent duplicate entry
  • Check form fields against the database allowing you to ensure a customer is not signing up twice
  • Build complex and accurate validation conditions against data in any location

This new functionality will enable developers or more technically minded users to build validation rules on forms that can access any data within Engage or your own databases, with the security and speed of API calls.

3. Other enhancements

Other enhancements:
Placeholder information on formsIn the properties for form fields you will find a new value, enabling you to add placeholder text to your form, helping provide your users with clear examples of the information requested.

Form Placeholders

Combined with the Layout mode of “Field without a label” this allows you to create forms with a label inside the field.

Placeholders in inputs

Default template option for mailoutsYou can now define a default template for your mailouts and triggered emails for Forms, Surveys and Events separately. using the ‘Manage Default Templates’ button in your email templates page select the default templates you wish to use for each item type.

Choose default templates

When you create a new mailout or triggered email the default template will be automatically applied.

Automated Txt and Push programmes can now be edited while activeTxt and Push programmes are now able to be modified without having to deactivate them, this brings them inline with the recent changes to automated mailouts.
Event validation options have been expanded to match Form validationEvent validation has three new options, bringing it in line with the existing validation we use for Forms.

  • Display Message (existing option)
  • Field is now invalid – will mark the specified field invalid, and display the set message
  • Field is now mandatory – will mark the specified field mandatory, and display the set message
  • Field is no longer mandatory – will remove the mandatory flag from the field.

Event Validation

User login attempts will be recorded in user historyAdditional logging has now been added to user history. This means it is now possible to identify when someone logs in and if they fail to login what the reason was.

Form Place-holders

Clickable message counts now in all data tables.Following up on previous changes where we linked the number of triggered emails and registrations sent in places such as Event, we have now expanded this to cover Mailout Folders, Standard & Automated Mailout message counts, Push and TXT message counts. These links take you directly to the relevant data making navigation quicker and easier.

Form Place-holders

4. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • – Some users would be required to pass Two Factor Authentication every time they logged in. We’ve now made a change to prevent users having to validate themselves too regularly.
  • – After changing a page from HTTPS to HTTP users would occasionally get errors if they had a cookie holding their old session info. This has been fixed and will no longer error.
  • – Fixed up some caching issues that were leading to the premature expiry of DataStoreItems.
  • – Users that had never previously been in engage were experiencing an error when attempting to log in for the first time.
  • – When you create a new account you will now be automatically switched to that account.
  • – Improved the performance of complex filters on large databases, reducing the chances of timeouts.
  • – Renaming a transactional table will now update merges immediately and without requiring the re-saving of mergeables.
  • – Fixed the bug where transactional table filters relying on a date could forget their conditions.
  • – The Add Database Field dropdowns has had the options reordered to be consistent with the filed type dropdowns for Event, Form and Survey.
  • – Opt out and GNA dates are no longer editable on the interface.
  • – All validation issues in a mailout will dispay as you step through the different pages, rather than only displaying when you attempt to confirm and send.
  • – When a URL in a mailout contained two ?s Engage would attempt to clean these up and replace the second ? with an &. we have added extra validation to ensure that we do not amend a URLs ?s inaccurately.
  • – Scheduled mailouts that have been set to ‘prepare now’ and that have end times will now correctly schedule the emails to go within the allocated send times.
  • – Office365 is now added to the email clients lists and can be tracked along with our currently listed email clients.
  • – Fields now have a max length to prevent the unexpected truncation of data.
  • – If a form has a pre-determined end date this will now display on the forms widget making it more readily accessible that a form will end at a given date.
  • – Entering over 500 characters in an ‘Other’ field could lead to the data for the question being lost. We still llimit the user to 500 characters but will show a relevant error message to inform the user once the limit is reached.
  • – You can now use HTML in the display text for Survey questions without suffering logic errors.
  • – If you invalidate logic during the editing of a survey the warning triangle will display straight away to highlight the broken conditions.
  • – HTML elements inside the label of a select question will now work as expected.
  • – Engage users can now add multiple anonymous registrations to events that have the “Single registration per respondent” option selected by using the “Register For Your Event” page.
  • – Custom validation would apply to additional registrants, even when the field was not applied to the additional registrants. Now validation will only apply to registrants that have the field.
  • – Fixed an issue with share to social links throwing an error when you attempted to use a stock icon for the share.
  • – Added the abilty for Insight to continue processing data should engage suffer an outage during the time it runs.
  • – Layouts now uses push buttons to define the product, rather than a drop down.
  • – A download button has been added to the ‘View Recipients’ page in push notifications.
  • – Automated Push notifications will now copy as automated notifications, not regular notifications.
  • – Filtering on TXT reports now works and displays the expected results.
  • – You can now create keywordless TXT programmes without needing to input a keyword.
  • – Can now filter the database contacts based on transactional table data.

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