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Engage Update 1.85 – January 31st 2015

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1. Overview of 1.85

1.85 is due for release on January 31st 2015.

The first release for this year is mostly focussed on bug fixes and general maintenance. In this release Ubiquity have improved EasyEdit templates link field types and added a new text area field type. A number of other enhancements and bug fixes are also included.


The EasyEdit link field now has a sub-menu allowing users to chose from three input options:

  • Website
  • Email
  • Anchor

This means you can now link to email addresses and other parts of the mailout from within your EasyEdit template.

URL Field Types

3. New EasyEdit Textarea field type

EasyEdit templates can use the new Textarea field type. This allows developers to add a multi-line text block into an EasyEdit template without using the CK Editor. Users can include simple formatting such as paragraph breaks within the input field.

To apply the new field type, use the following code snippet in your template source code.


URL Field Types

4. Enhancements

Other Enhancements:
Choose folder when copying Mailouts.When copying a Mailout using the new Copy Mailout button you can now choose which Mailout folder you want the copy to go into.

Copy Mailout and choose folder

This can be especially useful when copying Mailouts to test, and you want the copy to go into a different test emails folder.

Copy Survey and reports also copied.If you copy a Survey any reports on that Survey will now also be copied. This makes it easier for Surveys that have lots of custom reports as they no longer have to be individually copied over. It is now also consistent with triggered emails.
Automated Mailout data previews now have support for advanced date filters.When creating the filter for an Automated Mailout you can choose which date to preview the data for. This makes it easy to test that the correct contacts are being returned each day.Sometimes, however, rather than using the When Filter option a more advanced filter is required using the date filter options, such as when you want to include a seed email address in every send.

Automated mailout projections

Changing the preview date for filters that include a ‘same day as’ condition are now also supported.

‘Last 3 Months’ option added to date range filters.Ubiquity have now added a ‘Last 3 Months’ option to date range filters to make it easy to see how campaigns have been tracking over the last quarter.

Last 3 Months

‘Lookup Criteria’ added to the import progress details screen.The Transactional import details screen now also displays the lookup criteria of the import to give better visibility over historic imports.

Lookup Criteria

Survey previews open in new window for accounts with no Database fields.If you have an account with no Database fields (or are a user with no Database permissions) then clicking the preview button against a Survey would open the preview in the same browser window. This meant you would lose your Engage session. Survey previews will now open in a new tab or window (dependent on your browser settings).

5. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Saving changes on the user permissions screen will now stay on the same page allowing users to verify their changes.
CK Editor will now remember your position when changing between Source and Normal modes.
Users will no longer be shown the change password screen after logging in if they haven’t changed their password in 60 days. Note that passwords can still be changed from the My Settings page.
Updating a contact to be opted out via an import will now amend the Opt Out date correctly.
Fixed an issue that would cause imports to fail when attempting to match on a unique field that had a blank value.
Sometimes the first Transactional Database created wouldn’t appear in the filter straight away. This has now been fixed.
Users can now view Transactional data when they have the View Contacts permission.
Transactional database filters now offer the same filtering options for Created Date as other date fields have.
Inactive Forms will no longer auto-submit.
When an auto-submit Form fails validation the contacts first view of the Form will no longer contain error messages. Errors will appear when the contact attempts to submit the Form.
Form reports now include submissions from API calls.
Contacts created or updated via an API Form can now be found using the ‘Complete Form’ filter functionality.
Automated Mailout reports now correctly display the last send date instead of the next scheduled date.
Fixed a bug where same page logic could fail if piped questions had numeric response values.
Survey now accepts international mobile numbers.
When copying logic, the dialog will now only list the pages that contain logic.
Average completion times in Survey will use the Median time on both the Widget and the Survey report.
Invalid logic warnings when designing Surveys are now more accurate.
If a contact has a deleted Survey response merge fields from that Survey will now work as expected.
Including a mobile number field on Survey reports will no longer make the report error.
Survey reports could sometimes be missing the ‘average’ values. These will now show up correctly.
Triggered emails will no longer fail to send if the filter requires an ‘Other’ option to send.
Event reporting performance improvements.
TXT tracked links now use the shorter domain to reduce the number of characters used.
Engage now has it’s own Push notification delivery engine. We are no longer using a third party provider for Push notification delivery.
Widget will now show hard and soft bounces for sent Push notifications.
Push previews now show the the character counts and will truncate messages if too long to give a better indication of how the final Push notification will appear.
Push send speed estimates are now more accurate.
Users can now add Merge fields into the API validation display messages.
API imports now support the same file size as standard imports (50MB).

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