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Engage Update 1.86 – March 14th 2015

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1. Overview of 1.86

1.86 was released on 14th March 2015.

In this release Ubiquity have added the ability to re-send triggered emails, mass edit and deletion of transactional data and a number of other enhancements and bug fixes.

2. Resend triggered emails

As with a standard mailouts, Engage now has the ability to re-send a triggered email.

This allows you to resend a triggered email from any product to a contact. To resend, find the email in the contact’s history and use the new resend button.

You can choose to send the email to the same email address, or to a different one.

URL Field Types

Merge fields and tracking will be the same as in the original email although you can differentiate which reads and clicks were on the original versus the resend from the email events table.

URL Field Types

This is ideal for those times when a contact enters the wrong details into a form/survey/event and you want to easily resend them the triggered email.

3. Update or delete multiple transactions at once

You can now easily update or delete multiple transactional rows, this is done just as easily as updating your main contact database with the introduction of the ‘Update Transactions’ and ‘Delete Transactions’ buttons to the left sidebar.

URL Field TypesURL Field Types

4. Enhancements

Other Enhancements:
Survey number fields show totals as you typeWhen you change a list of text fields or a spreadsheet question to be a number type, you can choose to enter a column total. This total will now display on the question and will automatically update as the user types into the field.

If the user goes over the total in each column then the total for that column will go red to provide instant feedback.

Survey number fields show totals

Reports and tracking for Survey triggered emailsTriggered emails from Surveys will now be fully tracked, bringing you reports with delivery stats, reads, and link clicks like Events and Forms have.

You can also filter on Survey triggered emails too.

Survey triggered emails

Note: This will only track emails triggered after this release has been deployed.

Filters will remember your input when changing conditionsIf you enter a filter value then change the condition Engage used to drop the value you entered. Now Engage will remember your value.

For example, I try to find people who are 18 years old or older. I accidentally choose the ‘is greater than’ condition. If I then change this to ‘is greater than or equal to’ it will keep my input of ’50’.

Filter conditions remember input   Filter conditions remember input

This is especially useful when you have a big ‘is in’ condition and want to reverse it to ‘is not in’.

Transactional data shown on database widgetThe number of transactions per table is now shown on the Database widget allowing you to easily keep an eye on your transactional growth.

You can also click each number to jump straight to viewing those transactions.

Transactional data widget

UI tweaks to permissions screenThe user permissions page has been given an update to be more user friendly and intuitive. Permissions will now dynamically hide and show their sub-permissions.

There are also new ‘select all’ and ‘select none’ options to modify multiple permissions easily.

User permissions

5. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

The recent activity widget will now always show the 5 most recent items you’ve been working on. Previously it would only show a max of one survey and one event.
The spell check in rich text editors will now ignore Engage Scripting Language (ESL) to reduce the risk of unintentionally breaking it.
When filtering on the ‘source’ field for Surveys/Events, we have now added a ‘not equal to’ condition to make it easy to filter on responses/registrations that are not anonymous (i.e. are attached to a database contact).
The import mappings table will now be shown on the import summary screen so you can always see which fields were included in an import.
Database history will no longer log that a unique group has been deleted when the mandatory status of a field in that unique group is changed.
In some accounts sorting by date fields would not sort correctly, this has now been fixed.
Imports will now default to ignore fields that don’t auto-map. This means adding new fields needs to be a conscious choice and will help prevent fields accidentally being added. If you have a lot of fields to add quick link in the top right corner for adding all fields.
Improved the performance of Forms allowing Engage to handle a higher volume of Form visits per minute
When setting an account up for email the first time Engage now automatically maps ‘Email Address’/’Email’ and ‘Opted Out’ fields if they exist.
Automated mailouts now update the total sent and report link immediately after the first send.
For mailouts using our new showif/hideif functionality we have introduced the ability to track links that are only visible on the online version of the email.
Query strings will no longer be removed from view online links.
Anchors will now be included inside the tracked portion of links rather than left on the end. This means they will now work correctly in older versions of IE and on iOS.
Refreshing an automated mailout report through the public report link will no longer error.
Article filters using the ‘contains’ condition will now work correctly if your value contains spaces.
Triggered Emails
Last modified date is now an included field when listing triggered emails.
Sometimes if multiple survey responses were completed at the same time they could get duplicate ID’s. When downloading the responses only those before the duplicate ID’s would be downloaded. This has now been fixed.
Data1, Data2 & Data3 fields now work if the query string is added after the response has already been started.
Draggable ranking group questions will now work correctly on Windows 8.1 phones.
Event filters for checkbox lists now have the ‘Contains any of’ and ‘Contains all of’ conditions so filtering will work correctly with multiple options selected in the response. Filter operators are now also correct for number field types too.
Buttons on the view registrations page have been reordered to make more sense – ‘Download Registrations’ is now at the top and ‘Delete Registrations’ is at the bottom.
We have removed the Registration ID field to simplify the fields available. Registrations will now only have a Registration Number & Registrant ID fields.
When viewing future Automated Push notification projections Engage will no longer occasionally hang.
New API call /Forms will return a complete list of forms and their IDs.

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