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Engage Update 1.88 – May 16th 2015

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1. Overview of 1.88

The Engage 1.88 release is due to go live on 16th May 2015.

In this release dynamic fields have beed added to EasyEdit templates, and a few other enhancements to Engage. As always there are also a handful of tweaks and bug fixes included too.

We are also excited to announce a new Engage Resource Centre which will replace the existing Engage help site.

2. Dynamic fields in EasyEdit templates

Extra functionality has been added to EasyEdit templates that lets you dynamically show and hide fields based off other fields in the editor.

URL Field Types

This means EasyEdit templates can now be simplified down to show only include those options you need, when you need them.

How can I use this in my template?

Using this option in EasyEdit templates does require some technical knowledge. If you would like help updating your EasyEdit template feel free to contact us/

To show and hide fields dynamically use the “Visible” field setting and include an ESL function to determine when you want the field to appear.

In this example the field (special/regular price) will only appear when the Pricing field is equal to “True” (i.e. the box is checked).

{{ FieldSetting("Visible", |Eq([Article.Pricing], "True")|) }}

This isn’t just useful for showing and hiding questions, but it can be used on any field setting e.g. to dynamically change whether a field is mandatory or what the default values are, etc.

3. Enhancements

Other Enhancements:
New Engage Resource CentreHard work has gone into on creating an Engage Resource Centre. At the moment this site has the API 2.0 documentation but we want it to be the hub where you can go to learn all about Engage.Here are some highlights:

  • Single site for all Engage and API documentation (this will replace the existing help site)
  • Expanded content – work has gone into fleshing out the content so that the answers are all there for you.
  • Fast navigation with a drill-down menu
  • Search with auto-complete to suggest search results as you type

This will go live alongside the 1.88 release so come back and check out the Resource Centre after 16th May.

Survey number fields show totals

“Contains” filter option for survey multi-select questionsAdding logic on survey checkbox questions is now more intuitive with the addition of a new “contains” condition.This allows you to easily find people who checked a specific option.For example: Show this question if [Q1A] contains “Chocolate”. This logic would apply to anyone who selected Chocolate irrespective of what other options they chose.Previously you’d need to use either the “contains any of” or “contains all of” conditions, which make sense when you’re filtering on multiple options, but not so much when filtering on a single option.

Survey triggered emails

Email sending now encrypted by defaultAll emails from Engage will now automatically be sent securely via the TLS protocol if the receiving server supports it.Previously this was only turned on manually for specific from addresses.Sending with TLS ensures that no third party may eavesdrop or tamper with messages being delivered through Engage.

Filter conditions remember input

4. Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Can now view the import details page again for transactional imports.
Importing CSV files will now more accurately determine the correct setting to use for line-endings.
Some performance improvements have been made to the database widget to speed up loading transaction counts.
Fixed a bug where transactional filtering could sometimes incorrectly show no matching contacts.
Saving a contact with a custom form will now only show triggered emails that will actually send, and not all active triggered emails.
[Email Send Date] can now be merged into templates and mailouts again as the “add” button is no longer disabled.
Automated mailouts that have a filter that compares two dates will now work correctly and no longer error.
Automated mailout projections where the filter is a transactional date comparing to ‘today’ will no longer error.
Google Analytics tags will be added after custom query strings on links.
Mailouts still in design will have no send date in the mailouts list.
Downloading incomplete survey responses now correctly shows the response last modified date instead of the start response date.
Showing and hiding questions based on “contains any of ‘other'” logic now works correctly.
Copying a survey triggered email will now correctly copy Google Analytics on links and link names.
Credit card surcharge fields now show at a normal size in IE8.
The API filter builder now generates dates filters in the correct format.
API date filters now handle timezones correctly and support timezones in the ISO8601 format.
API filters that use a “does not match filter” condition will now work correctly.
The get all transactions API call now returns the total number of transactions rather than always a count of 0.

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