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Engage Update 1.89 – June 20th 2015

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  • 1 Overview of 1.89

    The Engage 1.89 release went live on 20th June 2015.

    The biggest item in this release is the unveiling of the new A/B Subject Line Testing module for Mailouts.

    Other notable enhancements include introducing unique fields for Transactional Databases and API ‘Run now’ options for Automated TXTs and Push Messages.

    Ubiquity have also expanded the Engage Resource Centre to include a ‘Coming Soon’ section, which highlights some of our upcoming Engage Enhancements before they’ve even been confirmed for a release.

    As always, there are also a few tweaks and bug fixes to to the Engage platform included too.

  • 2 A/B Mailout Subject Line Testing

    Emails are a core part of Engage and now A/B testing is easier than ever with the new Engage A/B Subject Line testing module.

    How does it work?

    The Engage A/B testing module allows you to:

    1) Set up one Mailout with 2 different subject lines:

    2 ) Send each version to a split of your Recipients list that you determine:

    3) Choose when you want to send the test versions.

    4) Set the criteria for determining which of the 2 subject versions is the ‘Winning Version’ (i.e.  the version sent to the remainder of the recipients list.)

    Previously the above could only be achieved in Engage with 2 separate Mailouts and required manual comparisons of the results and scheduling of the remaining sends.  The new module automates the whole process for you, and includes meaningful and specific A/B reporting for each of your Campaigns.

    Where can I use it?

    Engage A/B Subject Line testing will be available in regular Engage Mailouts (i.e. excluding Automated Mailouts, Templates, Triggered Emails and other Engage areas).

    There are plans to expand and extend this functionality to make more advanced Engage A/B testing a reality though, so keep your eye out for future enhancements.

  • 3 Other Enhancements

    Unique fields in Transactional Databases

    We’ve now extended the unique field and unique field group functionality from Databases  to Transactional Databases.

    This will allow you to check for uniqueness automatically when inserting  new Transactional records either by file import or via the API, where previously these had to have manual checks applied. Perfect for campaigns requiring a unique entry code or preventing the same sales transaction from being entered twice by accident.

    Set-up is just the same as for Database unique fields and unique groups; determine your unique fields and groups in the ‘Unique’ fields section at the bottom of the ‘Edit Database Fields’ screen in the Transactional Database module:

    For more information on unique fields, see the help section here.

    API ‘Run now’ options for Automated TXTs and Push Messages

    You can now run your Automated TXT programmes and Automated Push Messages much easier via the API with the new Automated TXT and Push trigger calls.

    They work the same way as the existing Automated Mailout ‘run now’ call: by triggering a specified automated TXT or Push Message to run to all contacts who currently match your specified filter.

    Note: you must have TXT and Push enabled in order to use these calls. If you’d like to add TXT and/or Push to your Engage account, contact us.

    Resource Centre ‘Coming Soon’ section

    In the last Engage release we announced the Engage Resource Centre as the new source for help with Engage, and we’ve been busy adding some more sections to keep you on top of what’s happening to the Engage platform.

    We’re always working on new projects and enhancements within Engage, and we want to tell you about them earlier so you can be ready to use them as soon as they’re released.

    We also welcome your feedback about Coming Soon items, so this is your chance to be a bigger part of our development process.

    The first addition to this section is a project we’re really excited about: ‘Engage Web Tracking’. Read about it here.

  • 4 Tweaks and Bug Fixes

    Editing or adding a contact using a custom form with a triggered email now displays form validation correctly.
    Automated mailout names and links have been added back in to the database ‘delete field’ warning dialog.
    Transactional Database filtering now remembers your last filter condition when adding new filters.
    Transactional Database filters now allow more than 10 parameters in one filter condition.
    Transactional data imports can now successfully handle data with identical Database and Transactional Database field names.
    Database History for Transactional Databases has been updated to include ‘friendly’ logging messages.
    Inserting links using the Engage Link dialog into an EasyEdit ‘read more’ field now saves correctly.
    Automated mailout activate dialogue now correctly displays number of recipients.
    Engage soft-bounce retry cycle has been adjusted to stop sending multiple emails when an email is marked as ‘delayed’.
    Status updates have been given a performance boost which means mailout widgets should now keep up-to-date when Engage is busy.
    Mailout send dates, Automated Mailout next send dates and Import dates outside the past 2 and subsequent 7 days have been returned to exact date.
    Mailout report charts have been adjusted to include ‘Other Webmail’ and ‘Office 365’ email clients in the ‘Webmail’ section.
    ‘Share to social’ edit dialog now remembers which shares you have active (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn) and keeps the checkboxes for those ticked.
    Preview links with Google Analytics and custom query string merge fields will now display correctly.
    Auto-submit form preview and live links are now displaying default values correctly.
    Previewing an auto-submit Form when it’s in Inactive mode is now possible.
    Incomplete responses can now be marked as complete when there is an email that will get triggered.
    Layout bug allowing users to override maximum selection logic is now fixed.
    Viewing an event registration for a deleted contact no longer returns an Engage error page.
    Create API token dialog now includes permissions selection.
    The contact history API call now includes contact updates and Push notification messages.
    Text containing square brackets  ([]) can now be successfully wrapped in {{ literal }} tags inside EasyEdit template fields.

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