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Engage Update 1.90 – August 1st 2015

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1 Overview of 1.90

The Engage 1.90 release is due to go live on 1st August 2015.

The big item in this release is the introduction of Engage Transactional forms. Now it’s possible to add, update and link transactions via Engage Subscribe, Update, Subscribe/Update and Opt-out forms.

Updates have been made to the Engage Resource Centre around A/B Testing and message statuses.

As always, there are also a few tweaks and bug fixes to the Engage platform included too.

2 Transactional Forms

It is now possible to insert transactions via standard Engage Forms without the need for custom development.

You can add one or all of your transactional fields to an Engage form, and control the number of transactions inserted into your Transactional database each time the form is submitted.

Not sure how transactional data works? Start here.

How can I use this?

Set up a Subscribe form for a competition and add users who enter their unique entry code(s) to your database:

Enter Competition

Set up an update or Subscribe/Update form to include your current contacts in a competition or loyalty programme:

Accumulate Points

Or for your team to use internally to add records via a phone line or email service:

Register Contact

Create one or multiple transactional forms and have these instead of or alongside your current transactional processes (e.g. Imports, API calls, manually inserting transactions through the Transactional Database interface).

Ubiquity have also extended our API to allow you to submit transactional forms the same way you can for all standard Engage forms.

How do I set up a transactional form?

Simply set up any standard Engage form, add your database fields and click ‘Add transactional fields’:

Add Transactional Fields

Engage asks you to select your transactional database, the minimum and maximum number of records that can be added per form submission, and whether you’d like to personalise the add and delete record buttons  (keep these blank to use defaults ”Add Record’ and “Delete Record”):

Transactional Fields Options

It’s then just a case of adding your transactional fields to your form:

Add Transactional Fields

Can I have a form with only transactional fields?

You must have at least one database field so Engage can link the transactions to your database contacts.
Can I add transactional fields to an existing form?

Yes, you can add and remove transactional fields from any form at any time. However, any changes to form fields (either transactional or database) WILL affect any API calls you’re making to or from those forms.

Can I update existing transactions in an Update form?

1.90 is only supporting adding new transactions, but there are plans to include updating transactions in later releases. Watch this space!

Can I add fields for more than one transactional database?

Transactional forms is set up to allow one transactional database per form, but we’re looking to include this functionality also in later releases.

3 Other Enhancements

Resource Centre Updates

The Email section has been expanded to include new additions ‘A/B Testing’ and ‘Email Delivery and Statuses’ pages.

A/B Testing covers all the functionality of the new module – from how to set up, run and report on your 2 subject lines, to faqs and tips to help you get the most out of your A/B tests.

There is also a section on how we determine Statistical Significance and what separates a read/click from a read/click rate, so you can be confident about your results:

A/B - Statistical Significance

The Email Delivery and Statuses page includes information on how we deliver and process your emails, as well as how we help you manage opt-outs and GNA contacts.

The Message Statuses section covers the whole delivery, soft and hard bounce lifecycles of Engage emails, including what each status means, some common examples, and how Engage responds:

4 Tweaks and Bug Fixes

Custom edit contact forms with upload field(s) no longer error when submitted.
Automated Mailout projections ‘view online’ preview links no longer error.
Bug stopping 50/50 A/B test Mailout status from being updated to ‘Completed’ has been fixed.
Reorder articles button in EasyEdit templates is now working correctly.
Auto-submit form links in Mailout previews no longer error.
Export type “CSV with multi-select options” now exports in the correct format.
Survey answers with apostrophes will now pipe correctly.
Using angle brackets (<>) in Name or Description fields no longer errors.
Inserting an image to an articles block without setting a minimum size no longer errors.
Bug causing invalid ESL to be generated in Element blocks has been fixed.

Engage Message Statuses

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