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Engage Update 1.92 – October 31st 2015

By October 28, 2015June 4th, 2019No Comments
  • The Engage 1.92 release is due to go live on 31st October 2015.

    This release features a major upgrade to the Engage architecture.  While you won’t see anything visually different in Engage, it’s under the hood in the engine room that is being given a major rev up.

    The folks at Ubiquity have been working hard upgrading the infrastructure to next generation hardware which is going to mean a faster and smoother experience (particularly when you are crunching through large sets of data!).  This upgrade will ensure that Engage continues to provide a world class service in line with your growing need to send more sophisticated and personalised communications.

    Secondly, as part of this release, the email rendering process has been significantly improved for greater stability and rapid scalability based on email volume. This means that emails can be sent out to your contacts at a more consistent rate.

    Finally, the main update from a user perspective is the introduction of a new default email template and layout for forms, events, and surveys. .

    As always, there are also a few tweaks and bug fixes to the Engage platform included too.

  • 2 Tweaks and Bug Fixes

    Downloading database contacts will now retain the field order set in Engage.
    File upload fields in transactional rows now link correctly to the file when clicked from Engage.
    You can now choose an A/B test version in article filters when in an EasyEdit template.
    Web Tracking
    Merging certain web tracking specific values should now work across all areas of Engage.

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