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Engage Update 1.93 – December 12th 2015

By December 15, 2015June 4th, 2019No Comments
  • 1 Overview of 1.93

    The Engage 1.93 release went live on Saturday 12th of December 2015.

    The big benefit in this release is the addition of folders for all your Automated Mailouts.

    Other notable enhancements include introducing the utm_term and User ID fields to the Google Analytics link tracking dialog and the inclusion of web tracking events in contact history.

    As always, there are also a few tweaks and bug fixes to to the Engage platform included too.

  • 2 Automated Mailout Folders

    As Engage users have been creating more automated campaigns, an increasing need was identified for an extra level of organisation.

    In this release, you can create automated mailout folders to store all your automated campaigns in and move automated mailouts between folders.

    Automated mailout folders

  • 3 Web Tracking in Contact History

    Web tracking has been one of the biggest product releases this year and we are already seeing some exciting things being done with it!

    Engage will now show when contacts have matched a web tracking goal in the contact history screen.

    Web tracking contact history


  • 4 Google Analytics Link Tracking Update

    Google’s Universal Analytics tracking module allows you to track visitors across multiple devices and sessions.

    Engage now allows you to append your own User ID (uid) parameter to tracked links, which is used by Universal Analytics for more accurate tracking.

    Ubiquity have also added the utm_term parameter to the dialog if you want to use this with Google Analytics.

    Google Analytics new fields

  • 5 Coming to Engage in 2016

    There are a lot of very exciting features on the roadmap for 2016.

    Here’s some of what is being worked on over the next few months:

    • Improved A/B testing functionality
    • User interface improvements
    • Closer web tracking integration with the rest of Engage
    • Better integration with other platforms


  • 6 Tweaks and Bug Fixes

    Source field set in details and settings page is now populating correctly in transactional rows that are added after a form has been submitted once by the same contact.
    Graph filters now work correctly.
    Downloading responses when both ‘Complete’ and ‘Incomplete’ will no longer show an error.
    The default survey layout has been reverted to the previous version while we work on enhancing the new design.
    The mailout dedupe screen should no longer show a “Data error” message in some situations.
    Deleting a field that an article filter references will no longer break the article.
    Web Tracking
    Merge fields should now correctly swap in their data without requiring a filter to reference them first.
    Changing pages on the ‘View Goals’ screen now works in situations where an account has more than 30 goals.
    Web Tracking goal achievements are now shown in contact history.
    Emails with batch attachments should now send faster.
    Lost password emails should be sent faster.

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