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Engage Update 1.94 – May 14 2016

By May 13, 2016June 4th, 2019No Comments
  • 1 Overview of 1.94

    The Engage 1.94 release went live on the 14th of May 2016.

    With this release there are now Automated Mailout Folders to help organise your communications and report on Automated Mailouts.

    As always, there are a number of smaller improvements and bug fixes to the platform as a whole.

    2 Automated Mailout Folders

    With the current push towards smarter Marketing Automation, there is an ever growing number of Automated Mailouts being sent through Engage. To help users manage these campaigns, we have decided to roll out the familiar mailout folders functionality to Automated Mailouts.

    automated mailout folders dashboard

    Folders bring a number of added benefits to Automated Mailouts, such as:

    • Ability to easily organise Automated Mailouts into logical folders
    • Generate comparative and combined reports for multiple Automated Mailouts in a folder
    • Apply a folder-level filter to all Automated Mailouts in that folder (this is coming soon)

    All existing Automated Mailouts will be part of a pre-generated Automated Mailouts folder and can be moved to new folders after the release.

  • 3 Tweaks and Bug Fixes

    Small Screen Mode has been removed from the menu. The interface should adjust in width automatically to suit your window size.
    Article filters on Web Tracking fields and goals should now work correctly.
    Moving a mailout or automated mailout should no longer break filters that reference that mailout.
    Survey downloads via API will no longer fail if they have deleted questions.
    Web Tracking
    Deleting a goal will now update the contact history of contacts who matched that goal.

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