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Engage Update 1.95 – June 26 2016

By June 28, 2016June 4th, 2019No Comments
  • 1 Overview of Release

    Version 1.95 of Engage was released on the 26th of June 2016.

    The main highlight of this release is a major upgrade to the Create User dialog box with the ability to move users between accounts and more.

    There have also been some performance improvements to Web Tracking.

    See more below.

  • 2 User Management Update

    Currently, the Create User dialog box only allows you to copy a user down from the parent account. Tis was quite limiting so the area has been re-designed to allow admins to copy users between any accounts in the account tree.

    Additionally, the admin can now choose to copy the user’s permissions from another account at the same time and tweak them before confirming.

    A search box has been added to the dropdowns to make this process faster.

    create user dialog

  • 3 Renaming Email, Push, and TXT fields

    application fields

    We’re frequently asked to rename the system fields (e.g. Opted Out, GNA) or to rename a TXT Opt in field after a TXT Programme has been set up.

    These fields are now visible on the Edit Database Fields screen in their own respective sections and can be renamed just like any other database field.

  • 4 Tweaks and Fixes

    Contact history will now show the correct icon for Web Tracking.
    Editing a contact with a custom database form with upload fields on it should no longer error.
    Including reference ID in a transactional table’s unique group should no longer create import errors.
    The field type property should now be changeable instead of resetting to single line text.
    Merge field name should be properly displayed instead of the long-form Guid when they are inside a Transactions directive.
    Removed cancelled messages from being displayed on a mailout report.
    Opening the WYSIWYG editor should no longer throw a JavaScript error in the browser.
    Fixed a bug with the /database/contacts/{referenceID}/history API call not returning the correct IDs.
    API filters using the reference ID on a transactional database should no longer return an error.
    Web Tracking
    Contacts will now correctly be flagged as ‘Known’ when they visit an Engage form with a custom host header.
    Goal results should be calculated quicker now.

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