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Engage Update 1.96 – August 7th 2016

By July 28, 2016June 4th, 2019No Comments
  • 1 Overview

    A new version of Engage will be released on the 7th of August.

    This release brings the ability to edit links in your mailouts after they have already been sent.

    You also add filters to automated mailout folders which will apply to all automated mailouts within that folder.

    Please see below for more details.

  • 2 Update links in sent mailouts

    Have you ever sent a mail out to your customers only to realise that one of your links is broken?

    Mistakes happen. That’s why Ubiquity have introduced the ability to edit links for mail outs that have already been sent.

    The Edit Links option will now become available on the Mailout Dashboard after your mailout has been sent.

    Edit links on dashboard

    You will see a page similar to the Tracked Links screen from the mailout wizard except the links will be editable.

    How it works

    1. Tracked links and personalised links that lead to a personalisable page such as a form or survey are all redirected through Engage when a mailout is first sent.
    2. When a contact clicks on a link in a mailout, their browser will first go to Engage before being told the final destination of the link which was set up in the mailout.
    3. This means that we can change the final link destination without having to resend the whole mailout.


    1. This will only work for tracked links or links that lead to a personalised Engage page such as a form, survey, or event. Luckily this applies to the majority of mailouts that are sent.
    2. At this stage, it isn’t possible to insert merge fields into the links or the Google Analytics tracking if they weren’t already included in the original mailout.
  • 3 Automated mailout folder filters

    Similar to mailout folders, you can now set filters on automated mailout folders.

    This means that all automated mailouts within that folder will run this filter in addition to whatever conditions have been set on the automated mailout.

    Please note that the ‘When’ filter option has been removed from the folder level.

  • 4 Coming soon

    The main priorities on the Engage roadmap are currently:

    1. Interface Refresh – to give Engage a brand a new look
    2. Webhooks – for easy real-time data transfer between databases
    3. Lookup tables – to help solve complex relational data problems

    More information will be released as they are developed.

  • 5 Tweaks and fixes

    Contact history will now show display triggered emails with the content they had at the time they were sent.
    Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the saving of fields when moving the order of transactional table fields.
    Fixed a bug where the delete button on transactional forms was showing even when the form was at the minimum number of transactions.
    Mailout history will now show friendly field names instead of the field ID.
    Web Tracking
    Links to Engage pages on accounts with Web Tracking and custom host headers should now retain the host header instead of defaulting to
    Fixed a bug with data tables that prevented sorting when viewing contacts in Web Tracking.
    Users can no longer reuse previous passwords.
    API calls that require a GUID will now return a more useful error message if the GUID is not valid.

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