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Engage Update 1.97 – November 6th 2016

By November 1, 2016June 4th, 2019No Comments
  • 1 Overview

    A new version of Engage will be released on Sunday 6th of November. The expected downtime is between 11:15 pm to 12 am.

    This is a massive release that features a completely re-skinned user interface.

    The look of Engage has been changed to provide a more modern experience. A new default layout will be introduced for forms, surveys, events, and survey reports that are a lot easier to use by end users and can function across multiple screen sizes.

    Finally, there are plenty of improvements and bug fixes included as well.

    2 New look interface

    Engage mailout dashboard
    Presenting: the new look of the Engage interface!

    The goal with this re-skin was to improve the usability of the interface with smarter use of spacing and colour. Don’t worry; the actual functionality should remain roughly the same, so you won’t need to re-learn how to use the product.

    This is just the beginning as there are plans to continue improving the Engage interface into something that our users look forward to using every day.


  • 3 Default layout and email template updates

    Default layout on a form

    The default layout used across forms, surveys, survey reports, and events have been updated to complement the new interface.

    This new design offers simpler code for developers to work with and is also mobile optimised out of the box to provide a smooth experience across a range of screen sizes.

    Existing forms, surveys, survey reports, and events will update to use the new layout if they are currently using the default Engage design. If a custom design is configured then, your settings will remain intact.

    Engage default email template

    The email template that’s loaded by default in Engage has been shortened to reduce the time it takes to get started.

    It’s still the same template with all the article layouts and options that you’re used to; it just loads less content by default.

  • 4 Bug fixes and improvements

    Web tracking is now an option on the contact history application filter.
    Improved performance of filtering for contacts on form fields such as ‘Form Completed’.
    Optimised form reports returning data faster to reduce the likelihood of a timeout. Tests show an improvement by a factor of two to four in response times.
    The ‘Add Record’ button will now disappear on forms with transactional rows when the number of transactional records reaches the Max value allowed by that form.
    Automated mailout folders now have a summary widget.
    You can now set an End Date on an automated mailout. The automated mailout will still send on this date if it fits the schedule.
    Added Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail app,  iCloud, and Outlook 2016 as email clients in the mailout report.
    When editing a mailout or automated mailout filter, users can now quickly jump to editing the associated folder filter.
    Improved performance of filtering for contacts based on mailout send dates.
    Improved performance of applying a saved filter on a mailout report.
    Fixed a bug where applying a saved filter and a date range filter on an automated mailout report would return 0 contacts.
    Fixed a bug where creating an automated mailout by copying a mailout that was A/B tested would affect the number of contacts who received the automated mailout.
    Fixed a bug where hitting ‘Run Now’ after creating an automated mailout by copying a mailout without activating the automated mailout would cause an error.
    Fixed a bug where the ‘Days since last email’ filter condition wouldn’t return any results on a mailout folder level.
    Fixed a bug where setting an hourly send rate would sometimes be overwritten.
    The ESL TabField directive is no longer case sensitive.
    The Google Analytics tags ‘utm_term’ and ‘uid’ will now be omitted if the value is empty.
    The Download Responses button is now conveniently accessible from the survey dashboard.
    Fixed a scenario where custom host headers were not displaying on the payments page.
    Web Tracking
    Improved the speed with which goals are calculated.
    Fixed a minor bug where only new sites would not correctly bind contacts until the next scheduled calculation.
    Fixed a bug where viewing the contact matches against a goal would not return the full list of contacts who matched the goal.
    Fixed a bug where Web Tracking merge fields for newly added goals would throw an error if used immediately after being added.
    All redirects in Engage will only redirect to domains belonging to Engage.
    Updated permissions labels to better reflect what the permission represents.
    The Welcome to Engage and Lost Password emails have been updated to match the new look of Engage. The Welcome to Engage emails will now display the user’s username as well.
    Fixed a bug where merge fields were showing the field ID instead of the field value in Share to Social messages.
    Note:  Merge fields in Share to Social messages from Survey and Event should only be used in situations where the responses are not anonymous (e.g. linked to a database contact via a mailout).
    API 2.0
    The /database/contacts/{referenceID}/history/messages call will no longer fail for contacts who have never received a TXT out in accounts configured for TXT.
    Web tracking and Push have been added to the Getting Started widget.

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