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Engage Update 1.68

By May 6, 2013June 4th, 2019No Comments

Ubiquity is releasing new Engage functionality on Saturday 11th May. This means that Engage will be unavailable for up to an hour from 6am.

1. Overview of 1.68

New filter options for date fields, addition of TXT to the API and lots of performance improvements and bug fixes.


2. Disable Filter Conditions

To see the effect of removing a condition from a filter you used to have to delete the condition – and then add it back in.


To make it faster we’ve added the ability to disable conditions.

In this release you can simply disable and enable conditions to see the effects of changes.

Disable Conditions

3. Enhanced Date Filters

You now have more options when filtering on date fields.

Previously conditions for date fields could only use specific dates as comparisons e.g. “[] is less than 26/5/1972”.

You couldn’t easily filter for comparisons between dates in the database, use today as a dynamic filter option or compare number of days between dates.

We’ve added a whole range of options for date fields in this release which you’ll see in the Filter Dialog.

Date Operators


We released the Engage TXT Module in December 2012 and it’s been very well received. There is no other TXT product on the market that provides as much flexibility around creating TXT Programmes.

We released the Engage API 2.0 in April which allows you to connect your website, CRM system or app to Engage.

In this release we’ve extended the API to include TXT capabilities. This allows you to send/receive TXT and interact with Engage TXT via the API.


5. Tweaks and bug fixes

Tweaks and bug fixes for this release include:
We’ve made the Latest News widget a little shorter and added a new widget to let you know about changes to Engage.
About every 60 days you will need a new TXT code to login to Engage (two factor authentication). We’ve changed it so you have a couple of days warning – just in case you don’t happen to have your mobile on that day.
Fixed error when clicking the numbers on a Mailout folder widget to view the recipients.
Fixed error when clicking the numbers on a event triggered email widget to view the recipients on some accounts.
Made Survey go faster. More performance improvements to come.
Changing an Automated Mailout filter while the mailout was currently running would revert to the old filter again when it finished. Fixed.
Importing sub-questions in IE7 didn’t work. Fixed. Please don’t use IE if you have a choice.
Fixes to the content editor.
Less than or equal to condition now works correctly.
Lots of performance improvements and fixes under the hood.

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