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Hamilton City Council Manages Public Consultations with Citizen Space

By May 12, 2015June 4th, 2019No Comments

We welcomed Hamilton City Council as a new Citizen Space user back in February, 2015. Since then HamiltonĀ have been busy putting their new tool to good use. Over the last few months Hamilton City Council have run 7 separate public consultations. These include:

  1. Proposed Stormwater Bylaw 2015
  2. Dog Control Bylaw and Policy 2015
  3. 10-Year Plan 2015-25
  4. Development Contributions Policy
  5. Revenue and Financing Policy & Rates Remission and Postponement Policy
  6. Lake Management Plan Review
  7. Hamilton Roller Skating Club – Melville Park

You can check out Hamilton City Council’s new Citizen Space site atĀ Hamilton City Council

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