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How to manage all your consultations in one place with Citizen Space

By October 24, 2014June 4th, 2019No Comments

Citizen Space is one of the unique products developed by Delib that we offer here at PublicVoice. Citizen Space provides a great way of being able to help citizens engage with your organisation in a number of ways. By using Citizen Space your organisation can manage all your consultation needs from the one place and be able to easily complete full analysis of the feedback provided by participants.

We are big fans of using Citizen Space as your one stop shop for all of your offline and online consultations. Having them managed from the one place is a great way of getting people to become involved in the consultation process.

Here at PublicVoice, we have developed our guide on why you should use Citizen Space as your one stop hub for all your consultation needs and what some of the key benefits are from using the Citizen Space product to manage your consultations.

Why your organisation should use Citizen Space as a one stop hub

1) Citizen Space allows you to manage all types on consultations

With Citizen Space you are able to design and manage all of your public consultations and make them accessible from the one place.

Currently most organisations main websites are simply unable to do all the things that Citizens Space is able to do. This include management and analysis of data and handle the complex nature of consulting the public on a mass scale.

Wyong Shire Council is one such organisation that is a great example of how to you can use Citizen Space to manage all of your consultation from the one place. Wyong Shire Council has used Citizens Space to be able to create a consultation hub that the community knows is the one place they go to in order to express their views to the local council.

Wyong Shire Council

2) Citizen Space allows the public one simple place to give their views to your organisation

One of the great things about Citizen Space is your organisation can design it to be whatever you need it to be. With the use of Citizens Space you can give it your own URL and place everything into the one system. The public will no long need to go hunting across various webpages to be able to find out which specific issue they wish to comment on as Citizens Space allows you do it from one place.

The public are able to use the in-built search function to find previous consultations and can quickly tell via the home page which consultations are still open for comment and which ones have been closed off. Citizens Space also allows for the public to be able to comment from anywhere in the world and at anytime of the day or night.

3) The public directly find out what has happened as a result of their input thanks to Citizen Space 

The great benefit of using Citizen Space is that the public have a one stop hub where they can give you their views and also the ability to find out directly what actions your organisation has taken as a result of listening to them.

Citizen Space breaks it down into three key parts including What the organisation asked of you, What you said to them and what action has been taken as a result of your input. The use of Citizens Space as your one stop hub for consulting the public means that the public have one easy place to get answers and will feel more engaged with your organisation as a result.

Wyong Shire Council 2

4) Analysis and reporting of information is made easy in Citizens Space as it is all in one place

Citizen Space comes with a great reporting system behind it that allows your organisation to do everything from one place. Your organisation can via this one system do text analysis of responses and tag them as well.

One of the benefits of using Citizens Space as a one stop hub is your reporting can be done from the one place but if you need to you can export your data to excel for further analysis. Furthermore, it can generate live reports and give you a full statistical breakdown of all of the information you need.

5) Citizen Space is a great way to get people involved in further debate and consultation.

When using Citizen Space as your one stop hub it can do lots of little things to be able to inform your community of what is happening as well as get them involved in joining a Citizens Panel.

Citizen Space is great for showcasing events that are happening in your community as the public already know where to come and get information from. The public can download these events onto their phones and other devices so that they can take part in further consultation work.

Another great benefit is the ability to build on further links to other sites and forms. One of the ways that your organisation can get maximum results from Citizen Space is by using it to get people to sign up to a Citizen Panel. This allows people to be contacted more regularly and builds opportunity for people to become involved in the community via short surveys on local issues every few months.

Citizen Space is a great product to be able to handle all of your consultation needs from the one place and has lots of flexibility in it to be able to do what you need it to do.

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