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Citizens Panels

Manawatu Citizens’ Panel Rates District Vision

By March 22, 2012June 4th, 2019No Comments

Recent Manawatu District Council Citizens' Panel results about the future of the Manawatu District  have been posted on the Council Website.

It was an interesting survey which gave the panel of more than 580 residents to comment on the Council outcomes and to prioritise these outcomes.

The group ranked the outcomes in priority, and did so as follows:

  1. Manawatu District develop a broad economic base from its solid foundation in the primary sector.
  2. The district attracts and retains residents.
  3. Manawatu and its people are connected via quality infrastructure and technology.
  4. Manawatu’s built environment is safe, reliable and attractive.
  5. Manawatu District will improve the environment, stewarding the district in a practise aligned to the concept of kaitiakitanga.
  6. MDC is an agile and effective organisation.

Click here to read more about the results.


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