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MAXQDA 2022 has been released!

By February 2, 2022February 4th, 2022No Comments

MAXQDA 2022 has been released. Watch the video below to see an overview of all the newly added features.

New Features in MAXQDA 2022

Organize your thoughts with QTT

MAXQDA 2022 introduces a brand new and innovative workspace to gather important visualization, notes, segments, and other analytics results! The new QTT supports you during the analysis phase after coding and is the perfect tool to collect relevant insights and develop new theories.

Profile Comparison chart

Visually compare documents, focus group speakers, document groups or sets. Explore patterns in code assignments and variable values and create typologies. Use colors to visually identify similar or opposite groups. While analyzing coding patterns for documents groups and sets, choose between the sum, mean, or median of coded segments.

Word Explorer

In which documents does the word “friend” occur frequently and in which summaries and paraphrases? Which words frequently occur together with “friend” in a sentence? Explore how a word or phrase is used in your project data in a new dashboard with our new Word Explorer.

Tools for analyzing open ended questions

Analyzing answers to open-ended questions in MAXQDA has always been a strong point. The new responses workspace adds powerful features to work with survey data.


Secure & seamless cloud collaboration: Share files with your team via a secure cloud space, invite colleagues to contribute their work, analyze offline, and decide when and what to import from your team members.

New emojis

You can now code your data with the same meaningful and diverse symbols that you love to use on your smartphone. Choose from more than 3,000 symbols including gender and skin tone variations.

Code and Document Summary Section in memos

Use the new summary section in document memos to summarize the main aspects of a case or use the new summary section in code memos to summarize the main aspects of a topic.

Import text highlighting and comments

MAXQDA recognizes color highlighting in Word or PDF documents and automatically codes the highlighted passages, so you can seamlessly continue your work in MAXQDA. Comments and comment threads are imported into MAXQDA as memos and can be displayed right next to your documents.

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