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The online engagement tools database was developed to provide a searchable database of current online public engagement tools available on the market. Currently there are 71 tools in the database.


Online Engagement Tools - Search Form

Name Country Website Description More Information
Adopt-a-Hydrant USA

Allows citizens to help maintain public infrastructure.

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Agora Delibera Brazil

Social participation plataform for discussing and voting public issues and paragraph commenting

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Agora Voting Spain

Secure online voting platform

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AGORA-net is a Computer-Supported Collaborative Argument Visualization (CSCAV) tool

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Airesis Italy

Free software platform to enable communities and groups to organize themselves in a productive manner according to the principles of direct democracy and participation.

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All Our Ideas USA

Collect and prioritise ideas through a democratic, transparent, and efficient process.

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Budget Simulator UK

Tool for educating about budget priorities and collecting feedback.

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Buzz Channel New Zealand

A sophisticated but simple to use online survey platform that is optimised for mobile first. Participants can recive a pdf of their responses if they wish, which works well for statutory consultation activities
A simple, powerful online discussion tool to enable people to post their views, read other’s views, ‘like’ posts and share their ideas with each other – either anonymously using a pseudonym or using their real name if they choose

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Cidade Democrática Brazil

Idea contest plataform for creating and discussing ideas and issues for public policies – Open source version avaiable:

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Citizen Budget Canada

Involves residents in budgeting.

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Citizen Lab Belgium

Citizens are at the heart of every city. They know what could be improved in the city in order to build a better place to live in for everyone. Citizensourcing allows you to tap into their collective intelligence and collect their creative ideas.

CitizenLab rewards citizens for their input. Every action a citizen undertakes online results in an increase of its engagement score. This engagement score leads to citizen badges, indicating the citizen’s status, and opportunities for your city to reward their valuable input with real-life benefits.

CitizenLab offers you a dashboard that gives an overview of all the civic engagement in your city. Insightful analytics show you, among others, which kind of ideas are the most popular amongst the citizens and who are the most engaged citizens.

Next to the city government there are many other parties eager to contribute to the city’s development. CitizenLab makes it possible to bring all of these city stakeholders together and to create sustainable development synergies.

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Citizen Space UK

Manage, publicize, and archive all public feedback activity.

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Citizinvestor USA

Crowdfunding and civic engagement platform for local government projects.

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City-R-US Greece

City-R-US is a solution that allows us to share with our fellow citizens and municipality authorities all that only us know about our city. To make our life better. How can this be possible? Very simple:

The municipality that makes use of City-R-US creates “missions”. The missions can be about sharing something beautiful (little secrets, beautiful routes) or to bring up an issue (dangerous roads for cycles, unaccessible spots for the disabled, broken traffic lights or puddles)
Citizens can participate in any mission they choose with their smartphones: They record the route or the spot and they share it with their name or anonymously.
All the data shared by the citizens are collected in a map, accessible by everyone, from the computer or the smartphone. With a searching ability so that everyone can find what they are interested in. So that practically everyone benefits.
The Municipality analyzes the data provided to interfere anywhere that is required, and to recast its services towards citizens.

Opensource version:

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Gathers feedback by integrating polling and social media sites.

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Civic Commons USA

Promoting conversations and connections that have the power to become informed, productive, collective civic action.

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CivicInsight USA

Platform for sharing progress on development of blighted properties.

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Codigital UK

Get input on important issues.

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Community Almanac USA

Contribute and collect stories about your community.

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Community PlanIt USA

Online game that makes planning playful, while collecting insight on community decisions.

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Community Remarks USA

Map-based tool for facilitating dialogue and collecting feedback.

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Consúl Spain

Public consultation plataform for discussing and voting citizen ideas, to vote participative budget and to discuss special projects – opensource version:

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coUrbanize USA

List project information for development proposals and gather online feedback.

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Crowdbrite USA

Organizes comments for online brainstorming sessions and workshops.

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CrowdGauge USA

Open-source framework for building educational online games related to public priority setting.

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