PublicVoice made a complicated process easy – nothing was too much trouble (despite numerous last minute changes from us) and the team were a pleasure to work with. The solution provided by PublicVoice exceeded our expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

Angela McCulloughProject Manager – Change - Health Benefits Limited


Health Benefits Limited (HBL) works with the health sector to deliver world class support for NZ health services. HBL had two major initiatives that required nationwide consultation of District Health Board (DHB) staff. These projects were complicated because feedback was required from more than 20 DHB’s nationally.

The challenge for PublicVoice was to provide a software solution that made the consultation process as streamlined and as efficient as possible.

The consultation surveys needed to have a consistent look and feel across all stakeholders but also needed to be flexible enough for logos and content to be customised to suit the individual requirements of each DHB. The solution also enabled data to be selectively shared among stakeholders while the consultation process was in progress.


PublicVoice provided HBL with the Citizen’s Space system to manage their consultation activity. The Citizen’s Space software was developed in collaboration with the UK Government and is designed to help local and central government run their consultation processes more efficiently and effectively.

Citizen’s Space provided the flexibility that was needed to customise both the content and the look and feel of the surveys. PublicVoice also worked with HBL to extract data during the consultation process that was then shared between selected stakeholders in a confidential and timely fashion.

The data that was gathered during the consultation phase was used by PublicVoice to implement a customised analysis and reporting system to best suit the aims of the consultation.


The functionality provided by Citizen’s Space resulted in and professional and efficient consultation process. The stakeholders were very varied and some had not done any online consultation work before. District Health Boards are now actively interested in online solutions for their consultation requirements due to the success of the two projects PublicVoice managed for Health Benefits Limited.