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PublicVoice warmly welcomes Scott Miller to the team

By May 13, 2014June 4th, 2019No Comments

scott_miller_with_spadePublicVoice would like to welcome Scott Miller to the team in his new role as Digital Engagement Coordinator. Scott joins us from his previous role at Environment Canterbury where he worked within the Public Transport Team.

It’s not everyday that we get a new team member and we feel it is the right thing to do to make new staff feel welcome. And what could be more welcoming than being put through our ‘Welcome to the PublicVoice New Staff Member Interrogation  Interview”.

So Scott, don’t be shy come and tell us a little about yourself.

1st question please.

Is it true that you feel most people fail to recognise the level of formality required when handling gardening equipment and as a result – underdress?

Well, when the spade is worth $2,600, I think a tie is certainly in order. I was assisting in fund-raising for the Canterbury Earthquake Fund and we managed to get this space signed by the Prime Minister John Key, The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister, Gerry Brownlee and Former Christchurch Mayor Sir Bob Parker. The spade sold for over $2,600 at an earthquake fund-raising dinner.

What are you looking forward to most in your role as Digital Engagement Coordinator?

I’m looking forward to being able to provide our clients with the best solutions possible as well as being able to work with some amazing new tools in order to help government connect better with grassroots New Zealand. Traditionally, government struggles to keep up with the ever changing pace of the world and loses multiple opportunities to expand their online presence which in our day and age is how most people now find out new information and communicate with each other. My role as a Digital Engagement Coordinator is to help our clients build a link between them and the modern world that is out there in front of them today in such a way as to enhance the work governments’ do to provide essential services to our local communities as well as help people connect with the decision makers.

When did you first use the internet, and what did you use it for?

My first use of the internet was when I was 10 years old, where we got to use the internet in the school computer room to help us to research some facts for our geography project on New Zealand landscapes. As I was growing up, our first computer was brought for us by my late grandmother which was loaded with Windows XP and had a graphics card put into it just for me so I could play games on it. Our internet was good old fashioned dial up with a connection speed of about 56 kbps which at the time only allowed us to do basic school homework and go onto basic gaming websites which my mother only allowed us to use for play time if we was being good.

Later in life, my use of the internet exploded with it being used for nearly everything. At college I use to sometimes go into the computer room at lunch time just so watch videos and read the online news so I could keep up with everything going on around me. People thought I was really smart when I mentioned all these cool things I had found on the internet but really it was just me being able to use a keyboard to give me what I want. Now the internet is my essential tool in life.

Who are your heroes?

My Parents! They are the ones who raised me from the ground up and continue to be my source of wisdom, love and guidance in my later years. They are the heroes who have had to over many years put up with me by driving me around the place, taking me to school, helping me grow into a mature adult and teach me the core things that as an adult come in handy every single day.

My Dad has taught me a very important principle that still sticks with me today and that is Hard Work = Big Rewards which over the years has meant working long hours and doing the hard yards but it has all been worth it. My mum is the person in my life that taught me important lessons in how to be successful in every way possible but her biggest lesson to me was that a Clean Home = Clean Life which is so true now as it taught me how to look after myself properly and provide for others in my life without a massive mess left behind.

Wise and inspiring words indeed Scott. We’re looking forward to your help in the kitchen.

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